Jean Queen Diane Gilman’s Stylist Gets On-Air Marriage Proposal On HSN: We’re Still Waiting

Is this a home shopping network first?

We missed this Sunday night, probably because we were knocked out with a bad cold, but there was a wedding proposal made this weekend on the air on HSN. Host Colleen Lopez spread the news on Facebook.

“Surprise wedding proposal live on HSN!,” Lopez wrote. “Check out what happened when we surprised Diane Gilman’s stylist, Sabrina, on Sunday night – her boyfriend, Germain wanted to propose to her on live TV!! (video quality not great – but still a must see!). Love is grand!”

In the posted video clip we see Gilman on-air with Sabrina, lauding her for talent. Suddenly the camera pans and shows Germain, a nattily dressed big dude, walk from backstage over to Sabina, who looks pretty shocked, but happy.

“Well Sabrina, I want just want you and the whole world to know that I love you, and I want you to be my wife,” German said. “Will you marry me?”

With that, the HSN set was flooded with screeching models, employees, etc. who were all congratulating Sabrina.

We assume Sabrina said yes.

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One Response to “Jean Queen Diane Gilman’s Stylist Gets On-Air Marriage Proposal On HSN: We’re Still Waiting”

  1. Donna & Sandy Stewart Says:

    Diane, I love your fashions, but I need to make a comment. I purchased some of your latest bermuda shorts which were the todays special on HSN. I have noticed lately, that the jeans and shorts are cut skimpier than they used to be. I compared size 8 classic stretch shorts with size 10 classic stretch shorts. The size 8’s are larger than the size 10 classic stretch. The size 8’s I compared them to, I bought several years ago. I just felt that I should let you know about this.
    Thank You,
    Donna Stewart

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