QVC Host Jacque Gonzales Laid Up Six Weeks With Fractured Ankle

We e-mailed QVC host Jacque Gonzales — via Facebook — after we heard and blogged about her breaking her ankle. We never got a response back.

But Wednesday one of our kind followers posted on our blog that Gonzales had explained her situation on Facebook.

Here’s what Gonzales posted Monday.

Sorry I’ve been gone a while. Last Wednesday, the 5th, I fell down the last couple stairs at home…and fractured my ankle. They did surgery – 8 screws and 1 metal plate in my right ankle. It looks like I’ll be home for at least 6 weeks. Thank you for all the nice messages I’ve received. Blessings ~ Jacque

Yesterday Gonzales, whose mother-in-law is also sick, offered this update.

My hubby deserves a gold medal for taking care of me and his mom at the same time (even though we’re in two separate places)! I only have 5 1/2 more weeks off of my ankle! đŸ™‚

Get well Jacque!

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3 Responses to “QVC Host Jacque Gonzales Laid Up Six Weeks With Fractured Ankle”

  1. Hugh Jee Says:

    Well that’s a heck of a way for Jacque to get to stay home, and hunker down under a bunch of warm blankets while the rest of us are freezing our collective tushes off!

    Get well, Chica!

    And Linda….did I wish you a “Happy New Year” yet?

    I thought I did…..but I’m getting old and forgetful- or maybe I’ve just got the winter blahs already.

    (What did I do with those damned wool socks?)

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    I know about getting old and forgetful.

    Happy New Year to you, and as I posted on your blog, I think your new strategy pn your blog sounds great.


  3. Peaches B. Says:

    Jacque G. hair is darling. Some of the other hosts need to take note and cut theirs!!

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