Host Lisa Mason, Totally Choking Up Twice, Bids QVC A Teary Farewell Tuesday

We almost started tearing up ourselves as we watched longtime QVC host Lisa Mason do her emotional final show — Diamonique, fittingly — on QVC Tuesday evening.

Mason also did the big reveal about her plans: She has written a book about God called “Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice.” More on that later.

Ms. Mason got choked up and was literally speechless twice during her two-hour show: For a few moments when her fellow host, Jacque Gonzales, called in on-air to say goodbye, and when makeup vendor Laura Geller called in at the show’s finale.

Mason, clutching a tissue, couldn’t get a word out when Gonzales called in. There was a long silence until Mason composed herself and Gonzales spoke up.

“You are my mentor, and took me by the hand day by day and step by step,” Gonzales, tearful herself, told Mason.

Gonzales threatened to hop on a train to Manhattan and stalk Mason in her Upper East Side neighborhood.

“I love you,” Gonzales said.

“I love you too, sugar,” Southern belle Mason replied back.

Later on, Mason joked about her temporary loss of words. “Was it an awkward moment of silence?” she asked. Only if someone doesn’t have a heart, Lisa.

Then near the end of the show, Geller called in and Mason just put both her hands up on her face, covering her eyes, and didn’t say a word, she was so emotional. Geller spoke up and filled up the dead air, singing praise for Mason until the beloved host was able to speak.

“Stop crying, wipe those tears already,” Geller told her.

They apparently see a lot of each other, since Geller lives on 68th Street in the Big Apple and Mason and her husband Gino are on 76th.

“Girl, did you see I lost it?” Mason told fellow host Jane Treacy later in the show, referring to her emotional reaction when Geller called in.

Mason got weepy more than once, not just with Gonzales and Geller.

Lisa Mason bid QVC viewers a teary goodbye

There were plenty of other call-ins, including former QVC host Kathy Levine, skin care vendor Dr. Adrienne Denese, makeup vendor Mally Roncal, designer Louis Dell’Olio, Affinity Diamond expert Michael O’Connor and Chaz Dean.

QVC also aired clips of QVC hosts Dan Wheeler, Jayne Brown and Leah Williams saying their goodbyes to Mason.

Mason, who joined QVC in 1995, also offered a bit of advice to viewers.

“Find a way to bring happiness to your life,” she said. Amen to that!

QVC did Mason a kindness by flashing the home page for her new website, We tried to get on the site after the show, but it was down. Maybe it crashed from the traffic from her fans.

Finally, Mason briefly talked about her book.

“It’s a great book, it’s not about me,” she said. “But it’s called ‘Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice.’ It is about God and it’s coming out end of February. I’ll let you know where. And I want you to be there with me when we launch it. And it really is about how important God is to me and always will be. That will never, never, never vary in my life.”

Then Treacy and Wheeler come on the air with Mason, Wheeler handed Mason a bouquet of roses, and Treacy brought out a big cake that said “Best Wishes: We Will Miss You.”

For astrology buffs, Mason is a Capricorn born Dec. 28, which is also her wedding anniversary with Gino.

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27 Responses to “Host Lisa Mason, Totally Choking Up Twice, Bids QVC A Teary Farewell Tuesday”

  1. Mary O'Connor Says:

    I watched the show and was sort of surprised that there was nothing from Mary Beth Roe. At one time they were quite close. I also have noticed that Lisa Robertson and Patti Reilly rarely celebrate another host’s anniversary or departure. I think this only adds to the feeling of disconnect a lot of viewers seem to have with them. Good luck to Lisa. I LOVE your blog.

  2. Joanie-B Says:

    Since Lisa is a Capricorn, she is good at keeping secrets and good at being stealthy, if that is a word.

    Almost certainly she has something lined up and in the wings, but will wait until it is finalized before revealing it, unlike those who shoot their mouths off and then look like fools when what they were bragging about failed to materialize.

    Way to go, Lisa, much happiness and success to you !!

  3. Daphne Says:

    She will be missed of all the show hosts on all the networks, she had a warmth and sincerity that hardly any of the ones left have. I wish her well and my husband does too as I usually only got stuff when she was hosting!

  4. Barb L. Says:

    I was AWOL from QVC for a couple of years and just this minute it dawned on me that Lisa Mason is gone!!-:( What a loss…..Lisa was my favorite host for many years and that girl cost me a lot of $$ cause she could sell me anything….I wish Lisa all the love and happiness ever…She was a bright shiny light in my life when I needed one….As I live and die Lisa Mason, I love you and you will be missed….

  5. fran billingsley Says:

    sure will miss u god bless u to can’t wait for your book

  6. Lisa Says:

    Lisa, I can’t beleive you are gone, I will miss you so much. I loved all your stories about you and Gino. I hope to see you somewhere.

    Until then, may all your dreams come true. Your in good hands with God.


  7. Faye Says:

    You will truly be missed. You a true southern belle!! I too am from the south and we share the same birthday!! Your christian beliefs shine bright and I commend you for that. Stay true to yourself and you will always come out ahead. May God bless and keep you.

  8. Barbara Short Says:

    So sorry to learn just today that Lisa Mason is gone off the QVC show. I love her for being so real and down to earth! I can’t wait to read her book. God Bless her and Gino. La Ya Girl!

  9. Lisa Mason Says:

    I just happened upon this lovely article. To the person who wrote it…thank you. It was just great. I love you all and miss you terribly. God bless you and keep you! Lisa Mason.

  10. alice boley Says:

    what a loss for QVC. she was always so upbeat and honest. Not at all showy for the camera. What you seen is what you got.!!!

  11. Brenden Makowski Says:

    Really informative article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

  12. Valarie Says:

    The two Lisa’s were so different. when you grew a little tired of one’s approach/style, the other would come on to refresh the “network”. kind of miss mason

  13. Tegra Martin Says:

    Just miss my heavens to besty girl. love ya lisa ,god bless to you and Gino.

  14. BETTY Says:

    TELL THE STORY MORNING GLORY. My favorite saying by Lisa. Love you and will surely miss you. Genuine and true. Hope you and
    Gino have a wonderful life.

    • Dianne pate Says:

      Still miss you bug time even in 2012 you were the very best one. Disappointed with Mary Beth roe nit to show a send off she surprised me being like that

  15. Alessandra Says:

    I just found out Lisa was gone! I have been away from QVC for 4 years because I spent too much money, with Lisa’s help in many instances! She was my favorite host, always sincere and genuine.
    All the best to you, Lisa!

  16. Mary Says:

    Like any other job, people come and go. Many hosts have worked for QVC and there are a few I personally have seen in other areas on TV. We become so attached to the ones we spend so much of our time with on the air and miss them when they are gone. I had not watched any of the home shopping channels for a few years as I love to many items I really do not need therefore I have missed out on a lot of the latest updates on who is where. Happy New Year to One and All. Lisa Mason, if you see this, I really enjoyed watching your shows.

  17. Inez Lechmanski Says:

    Honestly, it has never been the same without Lisa. I just loved that voice of hers – she brought something very special to the segments she did. She is a lovely, classy lady.

  18. marie Says:

    After all this time still miss u Lisa. You did an awesome job think u could have sold land on the moon.that’s how good u were love ya it is so awesome to hear about our beliefs in god I am also a firm believer without him I can do nothing I wishyou the very best in life

  19. Stephanie Greim Says:

    You’ve been a breath of fresh air on QVC. Your upbeat attitude and genuine smile warmed my heart. Good luck to you!

  20. Patricia Wynn Says:

    Lisa: you are such a special person. Missing you and praying that you and your loved ones are well. Thank you for all the good times.

  21. Carol Says:

    I still miss you, Lisa. I really enjoyed watching you. You were one of the best. So down to earth, and sincere. Hope you are well, and have much joy in your life.

  22. Teri List Says:

    Just saw you Lisa on an infomercial. I knew right away when I heard your voice that I had seen you somewhere before, but I couldn’t think of where that was. Sooo, I googled to see who that host of the infomercial was. I used to love watching you on QVC. It’s not the same without you there. You could trust that the products you sold really were good because I knew you were a down to earth Christian gal. Guess I’ll have to keep watching that infomercial in order to see you since we don’t live in NYC and you’re not on QVC anymore.

  23. Evelyn Says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Just now found out what happened to you. You were my favorite QVC Host. Yes, you were so genuine and I knew there was something very special about you. Now I really know what it was, you are a child of God and you certainly portrayed that every time you were on QVC. You had such a special way of presenting your products and yes you could sell me anything. You always treated each Caller as someone very special. You leaving QVC was a great loss, but I know that you desire to be in God’s Perfect Will, so you are to be admired. May all your future endeavors be BLESSED by God.

  24. Sandra Alfaro Says:

    I will miss you Lisa. I would always watch you and I remember well when you started and would talk to us viewers about the big Kahuna(Gino). I will be waiting for your book. God has blessed you and will continue. Thank you for you kind words and for being there with your heavenly outlook.

  25. Patricia E. Davis Says:

    Dear Lisa, I to have missed watching you on QVC, It’s not the same without you, and I should say I liked having all the old timers on QVC. just seemed like old times. You, Kathy, David, Mary Beth were always my favorite when some started to leave the show, it was not the same. But learning you were a Christian made my heart grow fonder of you and I was happy to know that you were taking good steps in your life and the right path with “GOD”. We lost our beautiful daughter Stephanie (41) on July 23, 2012 to cancer she lived 35 days she left behind a son and daughter and four grandchildren and one that was born a year later who was name after her a little girl who is the most happy child ever. She never crys when hurt or with diaper rash, she just laughs, i think :GOD has blessed us all well. She was meant for us all to take the hurt away. You were such an inspiration while on QVC just wanted you to know just how much you uplifted those who watched the show daily, and before I close, I loved the song you sang on the CD Christmas songs, its one of my favorites that you sang, who have a remarable voice, I can picture you singing it right now as I type, to bad that they did not make a video of it. With this I will wish you God speed and Bless you and your family and have a wonderfull Christmas in Christ and a wonderful coming New year of 2015

    Sincerely Patricia E Davis

  26. Marie Says:

    Lisa Mason u live Love, Compassion, Sincerity & Grace. I watched you on QVC & was so sad when u left. You are like a friend I never met. May God Bless You & Gino throughout your Journey! Always remember You have BOTH LOVED EACH OTHER SINCE FOREVER! Stay strong & Vibrant. So many people Appreciate You & pray for the Best πŸ™‚ xo

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