Whadup With Startup EmVee TV? Is It Out Of The Home Shopping Game?

Whadup with EmVeeTV? Is it kaput?

One of our astute readers said that she couldn’t find the “boutique” home shopping network on her channel lineup any more, and that its website was down.

We went to the site outselves, and it said, “We apologize but our ecommerce site is currently unavailable. For customer service questions, please call 877-752-8103.”

We called that number at least a half dozen times, and the line was always busy.

EmVee TV debuted in January with carriage on the nation’s two major DBS providers, DirecTV and Dish Network.

At the time the network, based in Clearwater, Fla., described itself thus:

EmVee TV is a “boutique” home shopping network focusing on the sale of quality products that are unique, available in limited quantity or offered exclusively by Emvee TV, via television and http://www.emveetv.com. On January 9th, 2010, EmVee TV began broadcasting to over 32 million homes on DirecTV and Dish Network and a 25 year old dream of founders, Mark Brown and Rebecca Moore came true. Mark and Rebecca have worked for and with the largest home shopping networks…

We used to cover DBS, and we have a call in to DirecTV to find up what if in fact EmVee TV is gone.

The network was profiled in the St. Petersburg Times in September. It was a glowing story about how well EmVee TV was doing, and had interviews with a backer who anted up $2 million for it. EmVee TV claimed that it was halfway to its goal of racking up $8 million in first-year sales.

We also believe that ShopNBC exile Charla Rines appeared on EmVee TV this year.

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6 Responses to “Whadup With Startup EmVee TV? Is It Out Of The Home Shopping Game?”

  1. stefF Says:

    if you watched the channel, you knew, it was not gonna make it; they really missed the opportunity when Charla was on there; not sure why that didnt work….but the two, Mark and the other lady with the horse laugh hogged that camera as much as they could; really lacked polish and they didnt understand what they had…..too bad…..

  2. Joanie-B Says:

    Linda ~~~ Posters on both the HSN Community Boards and the QVC Community Boards are saying that EmVee TV is out of business. Their phone has been disconnected. I Googled “EmVee TV out of business” and both those links came up. Both posters have orders in that they are hoping that they receive or failing that, get their money back!

  3. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks, if I could get through I’d try to find out what happens to those poor souls with pending orders.

  4. Judy Says:

    On the last weekend they were on air, Tony Malvagna said he would not be back on Emvee TV until January. I didn’t watch a lot that last weekend, but I didn’t hear them saying they wouldn’t be back on the following weekend. I am sorry if they are gone – I loved watching because their jewelry was mainly high end and just gorgeous.

  5. Manic Says:

    They are definately out of business – bankrupt. Their facebook page indicates the bankrupcy tustree has taken over everything. Not all items shipped and you have to dispute your card if you didn’t get an item ordered.

  6. Myron Stokes Says:

    I have been trying to contact them for over a year. I purchased
    a picture from them and it did not have the letter of authenticity
    with the picture. Another picture that I purchased had the letter
    with it. How can I get in touch with them? I really like my pictures.

    Myron Stokes

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