HSN Rolls Out The Critter Litter By Jewelry Designer Victoria Wieck

Critter jewelry is big, and it’s a slow news day this Monday. So we guess we’ll have to blog about HSN jewelry designer Victoria Wieck’s “Nature” series.

The Beverly Hills gal has some really cute pieces on last night, including a CZ (that dreaded home shopping cliche) polar bear ring and a penguin ring, with matching pendant watches. I might have been tempted to buy the polar bear watch, but it was $90. It wasn’t that cute.

You'd never know he's a man eater, would you

This emperor penguin has no clothes

Wieck also had a ring with a tiny frog perched on its center topaz stone, and a detailed alligator that looked like it just dropped in from the bayou.

See you later...

There were also snakes, birds and bees in Wieck’s collection.

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3 Responses to “HSN Rolls Out The Critter Litter By Jewelry Designer Victoria Wieck”

  1. bench jacken fleece herren Says:

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    Saved as a favorite, I love your site! 🙂

  2. janice schwartz Says:

    I want a size 6 panda bear pinkie ring…please thank you

  3. janice schwartz Says:

    Victoria I have purched all of your “critter” pieces. I love every one of them. Would you please consider a brown bear and a leopard both made as rings. You are an artist with a flair. Victoria please, if possible, please let me know should you decide when you decide to make up your pieces of art.


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