ShopNBC Posts 12 Percent Black Friday Sales Gain, And 36 Percent Jump Cyber Monday

Keith is very chatty

ShopNBC got a pretty good start for the holiday season, with total company sales rising 36 percent on Cyber Monday versus last year, led by a 59 percent increase in online sales, the home shopping network said Wednesday.

As a percentage of total revenue on Cyber Monday, e-commerce sales penetration rose to a record 56 percent, as compared to 48 percent a year ago.

ShopNBC places substantial emphasis on cross-promoting the flexibility, ease of use and customer benefits of its online sales channels, such as improved customer engagement, order tracking, ValuePay, and management of returns — or so it claims.

The No. 3 home shopping network maintained that its on-air strategy has enabled it “to achieve higher average e-commerce sales penetration than its multi-media retailing peers.” We’re not sure how true that is, but that’s the claim.

“For ShopNBC, higher e-commerce sales penetration has led to improved customer satisfaction, lower returns, and reduced costs,” the company said.

ShopNBC’s total “Black Friday” sales rose 12 percent versus the prior year, driven by a 54 percent increase in online sales. As a percentage of total sales on Black Friday, e-commerce sales penetration rose to 51 percent, as compared to 37 percent a year ago and 40.5 percent during the third quarter this year.

Unlike QVC, ShopNBC did not disclose the dollar-amount of its Black Friday sales. QVC raked in $42 million that day.

“The multi-channel shopper was quite active at ShopNBC over the Holiday Shopping Weekend, from Black Friday through Cyber Monday,” ShopNBC CEO Keith Stewart said in a very, very, very long canned statement. “We achieved sales gains and increasing e-commerce sales penetration by keeping the customer’s interest and attention over a sustained period of time on our multiple platforms of TV, online, mobile and social media.”

Keith are you paid by the word for this stuff?

“Video game consoles, big screen TVs, GPS devices, along with jewelry and watches, were some of the principal categories of interest to our customers,” he said. “The ease and convenience of shopping remotely, combined with our unique and ever-expanding product assortment, helped to drive much of the sales gains.”

And that’s not all folks.

“Additionally, ShopNBC’s focus on highlighting the benefit of online shopping continued to resonate with the consumer. Going forward, we remain highly focused on keeping the customer’s appetite satisfied with new products, exciting programming, and strong service to continue building loyalty and community during the Holidays and beyond,” Stewart said.


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7 Responses to “ShopNBC Posts 12 Percent Black Friday Sales Gain, And 36 Percent Jump Cyber Monday”

  1. wsl Says:

    its all just not true, as usual shop nbc has always been a watch and electric and jewlery resource,. Inside sources and hosts say its a disaster as it unfolds and the overnight shows arent making any money, Their phone room call center is about 50 people lol

    Sadly, having been there and having been behind the scenes it is a clusterfu*k and a mess. It is the “number three” shopping channel because there are only two main other channels,.. what that really means is, It is in last place. That being said,… People are still being let go in mass amounts and at one point, shopnbc couldnt afford a 30,000.00 wholesale order of LUKASTYLE,… they had NO money. It took us 6 months to get the purchase order to go thru compared to HSN’s amazing 1.4 million at the click of a finger,…

    When the ceos speak ‘this much” question it,…IMHO

  2. stefF Says:

    and dont forget, cheap stuff made in China and India…..huge profits…..cheaper price point, more markup, more profit…..volume sales……i swear, some people will buy anything…..

    mediocrity can yield profit, i guess

  3. Silvara Says:

    That & they are shipping out clearly used returns as new to the next unsuspecting sap. I recently received a wallet that looked worn a bit and had a band-aid in it. Today I received a watch that I’d purchased as a gift & I noticed a huge green ugly sticker announcing it had been opened as a part of the “Quality Assurance”. Well funy that, when I removed that sticker (not wanting it on the item intended as a gift) lo & behold theres another customer name & order number. Yeah some QA…

  4. wsl Says:


  5. Darksider Says:

    Jim Skelton aka corona corda on cigar forums,

    phony claims about “river pearl” on watch dials, bogus relationships claimed by a major vendor wih Dubois Depraz, moldy watch cases, claims of used items (returns) being resold and so much more. Is there any doubt as to why anything claimed should be taken with a grain of salt.

  6. M E 2 Says:

    ShopNBC is awful. I wouldn’t buy a bottle of water from them. Yuck!

  7. Marcus Says:


    […]ShopNBC Posts 12 Percent Black Friday Sales Gain, And 36 Percent Jump Cyber Monday « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

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