Former HSN Designer Terry Lewis Is Back On-Air On The Designer Goods Network

Former HSN vendor and host Terry Lewis has a new gig.

The popular designer, who did the Classic Luxuries line for HSN and abruptly exited the home shopping network earlier this year, has joined an operation called the Designer Goods Network. It will have its first live broadcast, mainly on satellite services, on Cyber Monday. But the show will also be streamed live online.

She posted the news Saturday morning on her Facebook page.

“I cannot wait to finally reconnect to the many customers who have sent such kind messages… Well I am back… Designer Goods Network airs live 8-11pm on cable, Dish, Direct TV and on line,” Lewis wrote. “Exotic, European bags, sunglasses and much more all discounted. I cannot wait to show off our fabulous styles. I will be your style expert!”

Then in a second post she wrote, “I’d like to invite every lady who loves stylish accessories to join me on the Designer Goods Network. We are featuring Exotic, European handbags, designer watches, sparkling table toppers all at huge discounts. The show airs live Cyber Monday, 8-11pm on various cable and satellite stations including Dish and Direct tv, but can be accessed on line.”

The network is based in Florida, just like HSN.

Here is what its website says about it.

Hate crowds, dressing rooms and overpriced merchandise? Then you’ll love Designer Goods Network. Designer Goods Network is a live shopping channel that allows you to save 40 to 80 percent off Top Designer brands including Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi.

Tune into the first-ever live broadcast from TVGoods’ studio in sunny Clearwater, Florida on Cyber Monday, November 29th, 2010 from 8:00pm-11:00pm EST. The broadcast will air on DIRECTV, DISH Network, Resorts and Residence TV, My Family TV, R&R TV, and over 90 television stations around the country. The live show will also be broadcast online at

Don’t miss out on these hot holiday deals! Designer Goods Network only has limited quantities of these high-end brand names, so don’t miss your chance to save bundles on designer sunglasses, bags, accessories, and shoes. Tune in from 8:00-11:00pm EST on November 29th, 2010.

Lewis’s loyal HSN fans have been blasting the home shopping network for letting her go. They miss Lewis’s fine leather coats and jackets. So do we.

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16 Responses to “Former HSN Designer Terry Lewis Is Back On-Air On The Designer Goods Network”

  1. stefF Says:

    well, what the hell is the channel number on direct tv?

    would be helpful

  2. Teri Says:

    Sounds as though she’s hosting, not designing.

    Glad to see her up and running again, but I’m still hoping she’ll give us a leather line again. Somewhere. Anywhere.

  3. Deliah Says:

    What is the channel?

  4. Cynthia Sanders Says:

    Hello Terry Lewis,
    I have been inquiring about your whereabouts on the Home Shooping
    Network and HSN employees have been so evasive, I finally go feed up
    because for I have shopped with the network for 30 years and have followed and shopped your designs for ever since you began designing
    at the network. My mother and I have closets full of your designs; every-
    thing from sweaters to those beautiful lambskin leathers/ suede leathers & etc. we just think you Terry Lewis is the BEST thing that could have
    happened to us your fans and the HSN. So please let the fans know how we can continue to shop with your designs. I do have Direct TV. May God continue to Bless you in everything you do and know that you are appreciated.
    Cynthia Sanders

  5. Says:

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    Thank You ! I added a trackback to Your Article at my Tennis Website 🙂 :)…

  6. Denice Says:

    Terry’s fashions can also be found at

  7. Denice Says:

    Disregard my previous email. When you clicked on the item it brought you to HSN only to be told the item was sold out. Sorry.

  8. Carrie Says:

    Does anyone know where Terry Lewis is now and is she designing and selling her Line again?

  9. urban wear Says:

    ski goggles…

    Former HSN Designer Terry Lewis Is Back On-Air On The Designer Goods Network « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss…

  10. online shopping Says:

    online shopping…

    […]Former HSN Designer Terry Lewis Is Back On-Air On The Designer Goods Network « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

  11. bBRB LANGE Says:

    Terry Lewis you should join the NBC Home shopping network and get busy desiging your gorgeous outerwear I have four of your jackets and coats and still get many compliments whenever I wear them join Suzan Summers Toni Bristin just to mention a few that have joined the home shopping network why not consider it and do what you do best get that outerwear going again!!!!!!!!!!! Barb Lange in Omaha NE PS You had the nicest faux furs and they won’t be beat!!!! PLEASE DO THIS FOR ALL OF US THAT MISS YOU SO!!!!!!!!

  12. Blondie Says:

    Terry Lewis i am glad that i finally found you. I have been asking HSN what happened to You but could never get a straight answer. I was surfing the web and found you. First let me tell you that I miss you I always shopped your clothing line,shoe line I have purchased all of your clothing line and shoes and boots when you were with HSN and miss your items. I must say that since you left for what ever reason it is HSN’s lost there have not been any other vendor that can touch your designs and the quality..I agree with the customer before me you should join SHOPNBC shopping network. I hope you will consider because a designer of your fashion taste quality and style will surley be appreciated. I will surley be waiting and watching. I MISS QUALITY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i WILL BE WAITING.

  13. Deborah Higgins Says:

    Yes, she would be a great choice for Shop NBC , because she is a class act with quality merchandise!

  14. Eleni Says:

    I just love this, thank you for sharing.

  15. Patricia griffin Says:

    I miss your superior leather jackets, I have 5 leather and 3 suede jackets, please i need more terry!

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