HSN And Kelly Ripa’s ‘Homemade Millionaire’ Debuts Tonight On TLC

HSN’s collaboration with Jersey Girl Kelly Ripa and TLC, “Homemade Millionaire,” will premiere at 10 p.m. tonight.

The show pits female entrepreneurs against each to land a spot on HSN to sell a product they’ve invented.

Future episodes will feature veteran HSN vendors such as jean queen Diane Gilman, Jennifer Stallone, Badgley Mischka and Cajun kook (that’s no typo) Emeril Lagasse.

A panel on TLC's "Homemade Millionaire," with Kelly Ripa in the center and the designer team of Badgley Mischka on the right

On Thursday New York Daily News TV critic David Hinckley reviewed “Homemade Millionaire,” and he liked the program. He wrote that Ripa “whips up a lively and fun show by selling big dreams in a small, simple package.”

See what you think. We’ve had some inquiries from women who’d like to get on “Homemade Millionaire,” and we are looking into that.

So here’s the answer on getting on “Homemade Millionaire” this season: It’s too late, baby.

“We conducted try-outs last summer for this current season,” a TLC spokeswoman said Friday. “Unfortunately, this season is cast already.”


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2 Responses to “HSN And Kelly Ripa’s ‘Homemade Millionaire’ Debuts Tonight On TLC”

  1. Naomi Holloway Says:

    I loved the show. I was routing for the “Think” products from the beginning. Being a person with high sensitivities to chemicals, I rushed to buy the new product but THAT NIGHT it had sold out on HSN in about 1 minute! If there is a way to get the product, please let me know. Thanks

  2. tallu pelletier Says:

    i am interested in finding out if my product is something that could be sold on HSN.,or if my product would be something you may cast on the show..please visit my site..www.vermontwinterhats.com..i would love to hear from you..

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