Here Is Your B. Makowsky Contact, Unhappy Handbag Buyers

Well, we got some info about where disgruntled B. Makowsky handbag buyers should direct their complaints.

Here is the first post we got regarding a contact for Makowksy customers whose purses bled when wet or otherwise did not hold up.

The first was rather huffy.

“They are not ‘Bruce’s customers,'” it said. “They are the customers of Li & Fung Limited, a Hong Kong corporation, who purchased the BM, KVZ and Tignanello brands a few years ago. L & F does have an American subsidiary, The Millworks Trading Co., Ltd., a/k/a LF USA. Direct your complaints there.”

The “BM” obviously refers to B. Makowsky, while the “KVZ” refers to Kathy Van Zeeland, Bruce Makowsky’s handbag-designer wife, while Tignanello is their lower-priced leather line, which QVC also sells.

First off, you can try to blow smoke up someone else’s behind, dear poster, but make no mistake: These QVC shoppers and other women are Bruce’s customers.

If we go into Pizza Hut and find a bug on our personal pan pizza, we are customers of Pizza Hut, not its corporate parent Yum! Brands. Who the hell knows who Yum! Brands is?

If we shop at Kmart, we are a Kmart customer, not a customer of Sears Holding Corp., the chain’s parent.

Here is the site for Li & Fung, as well as Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s info on U.S. unit Millwork Trading Co., which does business as LF USA Inc.

Then we got a second posting that said this: “Contact for B Makowsky: VZI Investment Corp. 1359 Broadway, 21st Floor New York, NY 10018 648/839-7000.”

That address is the same one as for LF USA Inc., but is a different phone number.

Let us know how you make out ladies.

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14 Responses to “Here Is Your B. Makowsky Contact, Unhappy Handbag Buyers”

  1. Helene Says:

    Typo in address….should read 1359 Broadway not Broward

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks Helene

  3. Eva Says:

    I gave my niece a BM handbag from QVC in February, 2010. I had purchased it in December, 2009. After reading the complaints two months ago on the QBB, I contacted QVC and was told I could return the purse for full credit. I did just that and I had to pay the return shipping fee, but I was glad to get rid of the darn purse. How they can continue to sell those bags with such a problem is unbelievable.

  4. Bernadette Says:

    I also had trouble with the straps on my B.Makowsky bag.Both straps have cracked in so many places that is not comfortable to carry. I purchased the bag in Lord and Taylor about 6 months ago and they were not willing to do anything about this poor quality in a bag that cost over 2 hundred dollars. I wish I had know prior to my purchase as to all the problems with B Makowsky and the fact that they do not stand by their bags and are also unreachable. Lord and Taylor and their lack of assistance was also a disappointment

    • Sandi Graham Says:

      I have a B,Makowsky bag I purchased through QVC that has cracked straps. Looks like a cheap bag, which I also spent over $200 on. QVC will not do anything and gave me the website of Makowsky. No repsonse, wanting to write a letter and send pictures, finding any info is impossible.

  5. ajandbreesmom Says:

    Two of the B Makowsky bags I own have cracking straps and one I purchased less than a month ago. I will be returning it to the store just as soon as I dig out my receipt. I stopped purchasing Coach because of poor workmanship and I am afraid this is the last B Makowsky I will be purchasing. Guess I am going back to Vintage bags. It seems only stuff made prior to the 80’s is made of anything worth having.

  6. Cassandra Slusher Says:

    I just purchased my second B. Makowsky bag and like others the straps are cracking in numerous places. How in the world can they justify charging $380.00 for a purse of such poor quality. I expect that from a cheaper purse but not from what I thought was a luxury bag. I will never ever purchase another of their bags again! Mad in California

  7. carol Says:

    I love kvz purses, but i bought one and within 2 Mon it started to shred…. I can no longer use!!!! I’m so upset and need to know what can be done to solve my situation.please help

  8. Carrie Dent Says:

    I purchased a B. Makowsky bag in Oct. 2011.
    BM26405 Natasha II, Pewter-Medium Satchel
    My purse have faded in certain area, this is not a bag that I carried regular. It is faded so bad I can no longer carry it.


    My straps cracked and Qvc would not take it back and the shoeshop could not fix it.can you help?


    I will never buy anything under there name .


    I will never buy anything under there name

  12. Bonnie lalji Says:

    Their product is garbage and worthless. I spent $325.00 on a bag that faded, cracked and impossible to return. The company is hiding
    and it is a shame that Macy’s where I bought the bag will not do anything about it.

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