The Wall Street Journal On HSN Honcho Mindy Grossman, Why Home Shopping Is Hot And ‘Pooh-Poohing’ Designers

Did you realize it’s “The Golden Age of TV Shopping”?

We know, we’ve been telling you that for more than a year now, but The Wall Street Journal made it official Thursday, with a big feature with that “Golden Age” headline.

It looks like Journal reporter Elizabeth Holmes actually plopped her butt onto a plane and made the trek to St. Petersburg, Fla., to find out exactly why the hell upscale designers such as Reem Acra (who is so high-end we had never heard of her), Mark Badgley and James Mischka, and Naeem Khan are now selling their wares on HSN. In the past, they were selling their duds to celebs like Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry.

The Journal story mainly focuses on HSN and its evolution (which has some irate customers wanting to start a revolution) under the helm of CEO Mindy Grossman. But it also references the market’s dominant player, QVC, and its hip vendors such as razor-thin celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and “Mad Men” costume designer Janie Bryant.

Your's truly with designing team Mark Badgley and James Mischka, who are a big part of The Journal's home shopping story

As usual in one of these home-shopping-networks-are-no-longer-downscale stories, we have the usual quotes from Acra and Khan (who has designed for First Lady Michelle Obama) knocking electronic home — that is before they swallowed the Kool-Aid.

“I never watched it before,” Acra told The Journal, referring to HSN. “I pooh-poohed it. But now look at it. There are items I would want every single day.”

Ah, a true believer now.

Naeem Khan's $870 bag for HSN

Then the story gets to the obvious: High-end designers have gone to HSN because they can move a hell of a lot of product on it, which is pretty crucial when sales for upsale goods have crashed. Mischka told Rupert Murdoch’s financial rag that Badgley Mischka sold 18,000 units of one particular jacket on HSN. It would take a lot of couture gowns to ring up that kind of revenue. Volume, volume, volume.

We did learn a few things from The Journal, like that HSN keeps track of sales by the minutes, and uses that “intel,” as Jack Bauer would say, to guide hosts. The story says that when HSN host Bobbi Ray Carter mentioned the quality of one of Acra’s jackets, it’s sales shot up. So HSN had Ray talk in more detail about the material in the piece.

HSN chief Mindy Grossman

The article talks quite a bit about Nike veteran Grossman, who came on board to HSN in 2006 and began making it more fashion-forward by courting a host of big-name designers.

Grossman did her research, asking people about HSN, and told The Journal she got three responses, “Some who shopped, some who didn’t, some who did but they whispered that they did.””

We never whispered, Mindy! We were always loud and proud about our HSN and QVC purchases, despite being surrounded by snobby Manhattanites (most of whom where transplants from the Midwest).

The Journal story goes on about Grossman, saying, “The new CEO cleaned house, shedding brands that she didn’t think made sense for the network.”

We guess the “shedding” refers to the exits of vendors like Suzanne Somers, Terry Lewis, Beyonce’s mom Tina Knowles and a parade of others. The departure of Terry Lewis and her Classic Luxuries line still has some HSN shoppers calling for Grossman to be drawn and quartered.

We did get a kick out of the anecdote in the story about Mischka “falling off the stage” the first time he and his partner Badgley appeared on HSN. But unfortunately for viewers, the camera wasn’t on him when that little mishap took place.

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5 Responses to “The Wall Street Journal On HSN Honcho Mindy Grossman, Why Home Shopping Is Hot And ‘Pooh-Poohing’ Designers”

  1. Daphne Says:

    Well, she can keep all her high end “designers” I for one will not be buying at those prices from TV, when I can go to a “high end” mall in 15 minutes from my house and get a better deal! I laugh at the prices that they are now selling stuff at and wonder, just how long will people be duped into thinking that they are getting a “deal?”

    $870 for a purse on TV, too funny!

    I’ll do like I’ve been doing, waitng for the huge markdowns and maybe then, but, other than that, nah, just stay with Lessman and his vitiamins.


    I totally agree with the above customer’s reply that HSN is out of tune with the general shopping public who can’t afford those high end pieces that the network is peddling now. I have shopped HSN for years and Terry Lewis’s line is one of my favorites. I have purchased numerous leather items from Terry’s line and I have been pleased with all of them. If something is not broken, why fix it.

  3. sandra jackson Says:

    I have spend a whooooole lot of money at HSN. But I won’t any more. Terry Lewis was a spectacular show host for HSN for years. I believe she was one of the highest paid. HSN supported the launch of her line and they both benefited.

    Personally, I like the classic stuff. I am 62 years old, and a lot of the designer stuff on TV is too young for me. I miss Terry.

    I guess I’ll save my money. I am mad at HSN.

  4. Theresa Brown Says:

    Forget HSN. How about the proper use of apostrophes! Your’s truly ?? It should be YOURS. “IT’S sales shot up???” should be ITS with no apostrophe.
    If you have a column, at least use proper grammar and spelling please.

  5. Cheryl Says:

    Terry Lewis was amazing and prices affordable I purchased her quality leather for five years and am very disappointed she is not on HSN any more. I hope she will, or can, go the competition QVC, because she is truly missed

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