Designer Isaac Mizrahi Is Way Out Of The Closet: Will QVC Shoppers Take Offense?

We were burning the midnight oil last night, and had QVC on while we were writing a story.

Designer Isaac Mizrahi, who has Wednesday’s Today’s Special Value, was on with fat-mouth host Shawn Killinger, who we find frightfully annoying.

But in any event, Mizrahi was talking about how he likes to stay home during the upcoming holidays and relax, with his boyfriend. He said “my boyfriend” at least twice.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, at least in our book. But the only designer on home shopping that we recall being so out of the closet is the late-great Wayne Scot Lukas, when his appearances — filled with double entendres — on HSN cracked us up.

We couldn’t help but wonder if QVC viewers in the heartland, as we Easterners call it, would take offense at Mizrahi. And then we chided ourselves for making assumptions about the rest of America, when a young gay Rutgers University student committed suicide after his scumbag roommate secretly videotaped him kissing a man in their room.

Our own home state of New Jersey shamed us for that anti-gay tragedy: Who are we to cast stones at the Midwest when our own state is homophobic?

As it turns out, there was something really shocking during the Mizrahi-Killinger show late last night.

At one point, at 1 a.m., Mizrahi and Killinger were both in the sack, covered by cotton cashmere flannel sheets that the curly-topped designer was hawking.

“Oh, we’re in bed together, Shawn,” Mizrahi said. The video is here.

Now that picture really disturbed us, for some reason, much more than seeing Mizrahi in bed with his boyfriend would have.

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3 Responses to “Designer Isaac Mizrahi Is Way Out Of The Closet: Will QVC Shoppers Take Offense?”

  1. Eva Says:

    I don’t think the average QVC shopper cares about IM’s boyfriend, or David Venable’s, for that matter. Carson Kressley (sp) is outer than out, and he had beautiful clothes on the Q. Besides, when they feature clothes by the Kardashian sisters, who have waxing of their body parts as a feature of their show(s), how could the Q shopper care about a boyfriend?

  2. M E 2 Says:

    Unfortunately, QVC’s core viewers/shoppers are those who would never in a million years guess / think that David V. bats for the other team.

    I have heard plenty of them offer up their daughter, granddaughter, niece, etc. to/for David to date. @@

    Little do they know, obviously, that she isn’t is his type.

  3. Peaches B. Says:

    I would much rather watch Isaac and David than pot smoking Montel Williams who totally smashes QVC’s wholesome image!!

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