Before HSN, There Was ‘Sister Act’ For Actress Kathy Najimy

We recently blogged about actress Kathy Najimy bringing a product called Ch’Arms to HSN.

That prompted our friend and former colleague Jim Forkan, a guy who has kindly kept in touch with us, to send us a clip of Najimy as a lovable nun in the box office hit “Sister Act” with Whoopi Goldberg.

Since our dad’s back procedure is today, the uplifting music was a boost to us. Here it is:

Najimy is the plump nun who breaks out to sing a duet.

We also found another clip from “Sister Act” with Najimy, with the cast performing one of our favorite songs, the rousing gospel tune “Oh Happy Day.”

So here is that one, as well.

Thanks Jim!

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2 Responses to “Before HSN, There Was ‘Sister Act’ For Actress Kathy Najimy”

  1. iamdesign Says:

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers for your Dad’s speedy recovery

  2. Angela Says:

    Here’s hoping your Dad has a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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