Raspy Rod Stewart Charms With The Old Standards On HSN Live

Rod rocked HSN Saturday night, photo by Mark Seligar, courtesy of J Records

Rod Stewart nervous to sing live on HSN?

Stewart, looking dapper right now in a pearl grey tux and ruffled white shirt, opened his concert on the home shopping network Saturday evening with “That Old Black Magic.” For once, the HSN set didn’t look cheesy. And there was a live studio audience.

HSN host Callie Northagen is MCing the event, and she walked up onstage to Stewart after his opening song to congratulate him.

“It’s nerve-wracking,” Stewart said, referring to entertaining the packed room.

What? This is a guy who said he once sang for an audience of 5.5 million in Rio. When Northagen told him that HSN reaches 95 million homes, Stewart said, “That will do me nicely.”

Rod and his wife are expecting a baby, photo by Mark Seligar, courtesy of J Records

Rod has joined the line of musical artists who have come to the home shopping venue to sell their CDs. Talent such as Sheryl Crow, Justin Bieber, Natalie Cole and Heart have all done live concerts on either HSN, QVC or ShopNBC.

In the case of Stewart, he is flogging the fifth, and final, installment of his “Great American Standards” CDs.This one is named “Fly Me To The Moon.” On her Facebook page, HSN host Colleen Lopez said that HSN sold 25,000 of the CD sets in one hour.

The CD-set that HSN is selling for $15 has an extra CD that’s exclusive to HSN.

To us, Stewart sounded raspier than ususal, but he still has “IT,” as someone wrote on our Facebook page.

We still love his accent, and he was charming and self-deprecating during his HSN appearance. At one point, with Northagen doing her usual fawning over any musical guest that appears on the network, she told Stewart his voice just gets better and better.

“I think I’ve gotten better over the years, like an old piece of cheese,” Stewart said, adding, “I should have said wine.”

He also explained that he got the idea to record old standard songs after he met a World War II veteran when he was having coffee in a shop in Beverly Hills. The vet had been a participant in the second wave of the invasion of Normandy. After talking to Stewart, the man was leaving and asked Stewart when he was going to do a record of classic American songs.

Stewart worked the charm thang, photo by Mark Seligar, courtesy of J Records

Stewart won an Emmy for Volume 3 of “Great American Standards,” and planned to end the series when he recorded Volume 4. But he decided to do Volume 5 “by popular demand.”

Celebrity chef and perennial ham Wolfgang Puck, who is doing shows on HSN Saturday night, was part of the audience and at one point got onstage with Stewart.

“I want to learn how to sing,” “Wolf” told Stewart, adding that he has purchased several copies of Stewart’s CD set, and planned to send some to his home country of Austria.

Then Stewart played our favorite standard: “You Can’t Take That Away From Me.” But our favorite version, still, is Fred Astaire singing that song to Ginger Rogers, we believe it was.

He also performed “Moon River,” which he said was his and his wive Penny’s favorite song. Penny, by the way, is four months pregnant, according to Stewart, who has eight kids.

Stewart will be doing a blues album, and then a country album, he told Northagen. That should be interesting.

All in all, we think HSN did a nice job with the Stewart concert.

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3 Responses to “Raspy Rod Stewart Charms With The Old Standards On HSN Live”

  1. Sue Says:

    I never really got the sex appeal of Rod Stewart, but I do like a lot of his original hits, like Maggie May.

  2. Ava Says:

    Sad to see this….Linda Ronstadt did the same sort of “oldies” assortment when her popularity (and voice) hit the skids….looks like Rod is following the same path. Hope he made some $$ from that HSN show…any other old guy with that voice singing those songs better be standing in the street with a hat in his hand because that’s the only place he’d make $$$. I like Rod but I wouldn’t buy this stuff…..sorry.

  3. My Info Says:

    Curious…Why is “old news” still being shown?
    Learn from the past but current info. is the main interest. Time to spread old files of junk and make room for today..

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