TV Chef Gordon Ramsay’s QVC Premiere Coincides With Headlines About Suicide Of N.J. Chef Who Was On One Of His Shows

Potty-mouthed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay debuted his line of cookware on QVC Thursday, the same day that news of the suicide of one of the restaurateurs he “advised” three years ago was making headlines again in New York City.

It seems like some unfortunate timing to us. Ramsay was in West Chester pitching his 11-piece collection of cookware, QVC’s Today’s Special Value at $120.

And at the same time, the New York Post was writing yet another story, a follow-up, on the suicide of Fair Lawn, N.J., chef Joseph Cerniglia. The young chef jumped off the George Washington Bridge last week.

Cerniglia, who owned the eatery Campana, was in a 2007 episode of Ramsay’s reality TV show “Kitchen Nightmares.” In that installment, Ramsay blasted Cerniglia and told him his restaurant was “about to float down the Hudson,” which the Post said was an eerily prescient comment in light of how the Jersey chef ended his life.

The Post’s story Thursday claimed that married Cerniglia had been playing hide the cannoli with his young pastry chef.

Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid also had a quote from Ramsay about Cernigilia’s death: “Joe was a brilliant chef, and our thoughts go out to his family, friends and staff.”

To see Ramsay with QVC host Jane Treacy check out this video.

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One Response to “TV Chef Gordon Ramsay’s QVC Premiere Coincides With Headlines About Suicide Of N.J. Chef Who Was On One Of His Shows”

  1. stefF Says:

    huh? Ramsey’s appearance and a suicide go hand and hand in this article? it seems the author of this article was overwhelmingly insensitive to the death of this chef…..why drag his death into the appearance of G. Ramsey on QVC? i dont get it…..very, very insensitive and tactless

    Gordon Ramsey pretty much tells things with the “bark on”…..for you to insinuate anything or to lump these two stories together is very, very insensitive to the family of the chef…….this isnt a time for any of this

    catty is one thing, and i personally with admit to cattiness and sarcasm, however in a family’s time of grief…….

    i happened upon Gordon Ramsey yesterday…..if you noticed his personality is abrupt……he’s hyper……

    i could go on…….you write about technical stuff and then you go in the opposite direction and write THIS!

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