New Yorkers, Has QVC Got A Product For You: A Bedbug Protector For Your Mattress

QVC doesn't want the bedbugs to bite you

QVC has jumped on the bedbug bandwagon.

While we were burning the midnight oil early Tuesday morning, host Rick Domeier was hawking products “For the Bedroom.” Now get your mind out of the gutter, he was talking about sheets and bedding. But then he debuted the Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Total Mattress Encasement, Item No. H99417.

It’s selling point: It doesn’t let the bedbugs bite. It encases your mattress, with a separate one for your boxspring, and protects you from bedbugs, dust mites or any other nasty things that might be hiding in your mattress.

You could put these babies on a mattress that was totally infested with bedbugs, and still have a sound night’s sleep, as the Protect-A-Bed rep explained.

Those little bugger bedbugs can’t get through this covering. In fact, the company even has a patent on the zipper, the Secure Seal Bug Lock, which doesn’t let bedbugs sneak out.

The encasements sell for $94 to $156.

Here’s what QVC’s website said:

Protect your bed w/ this FL AllerZip Smooth Mattress & Box Spring Encasement featuring a 3 sided zipper for easy application.Encasements protect mattress& box spring complete from bed bugs& allergens. They act as a barrier to bed bugs w/patented BugLock zipper which is enter& escape proof. Reinforced seams block allergens& bed bugs. The water- proof yet breathable encasement creates a barrier between mattress and sleeper.

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