The Kardashians, Mad Chef Gordon Ramsay To Bring Reality TV To QVC

The Kardashians are coming to QVC

Ornery chef Gordon Ramsay and the horny (just kidding) Kardashian sisters are coming to QVC.

QVC president Mike George gave Wall Street analysts that news during the second-quarter conference call for the home shopping network’s parent, Liberty Media, last Monday.

“The Kardashians,” according to George, will launch an apparel line called K-Dash. Dash is the name of the boutique that the three beautiful sisters and reality TV stars have in LA and Miami. Kim Kardashian appeared on QVC earlier this year, selling an exercise tape.

QVC will also be adding three chefs to its roster, George said.

Will Gordon Ramsay play nice on QVC

“We’ll be launching a new celebrity chef series featuring Gordon Ramsay, well known for his ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ series and his ‘Master of Chefs’ series, which premieres this summer, as well as Lidia Bastianich, David Burke and Tyler Florence,”
George told analysts.

On the fashion front, QVC will expand its participation in Fashion Week in Manhattan. The network will co-sponsor Fashion’s Night Out with Vogue magazine, the city of New York and the Council of Fashion Designers of America, according to George.

As part of that event, QVC will launch a pop-up store in Rockefeller Center, he added.

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2 Responses to “The Kardashians, Mad Chef Gordon Ramsay To Bring Reality TV To QVC”

  1. stefF Says:

    gordon ramsay will have to clean up his mouth…….but that would change his image…….else, gonna be a lotta “bleeps” when he’s on……wonder who will be the host? hmmmmmmm, all the QVC hosts/hostesses seem a bit “milquetoast-ish”……now i would love to see Gordon Ramsay and Charla do a show….’twould be a hoot’

  2. Joanie-B Says:

    I did not realize that all three Sisters Kardashian are horribly bow-legged, and possibly knock-kneed as well. They all ought to be wearing Slacks all the time if they really want to look good. JMHO.

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