Ex-ShopNBC Host Charla Rhines Is Back, And EmVee TV Has Her

Charla Rhines

SHIP BOTTOM, N.J.–Why does so much news break while we’re trying to take a few days off down the shore?

We just got back from a nice dinner at PF Chang’s in Atlantic City, checked our e-mail and Facebook, and saw that former ShopNBC host Charla Rhines Monday confirmed that she’s landed at EmVee TV.

We’d previously reported that she was likely to land there, but Rhines offered this dish Monday.

“Hi ladies and gents! Ya, i’m going back to work this weekend at emvee tv. soooo looking forward to it. they stream live now every sat. and sun. so go to emvee tv.com, or if you have a dish they are on channel 225 direct tv, or channel 224 on dish network. see you all soon! thank you for the kind words”

ShopNBC let tart, mouthy, funny, frank Rhines go earlier this year, releasing an angry torrent of venom from her fans against the No. 3 home shopping channel.

Our blogs on her have gotten more than 100 angry posts from her fans.

Here’s wishing you luck, Charla.


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7 Responses to “Ex-ShopNBC Host Charla Rhines Is Back, And EmVee TV Has Her”

  1. Paula Marx Says:

    I am so thrilled that Charla will be back on tv even though I will have to watch her on the computer as I have cable. Even when ShopNBC went down the tubes with their cheap jewelry and other items, I continued to watch Charla so I guess that it was possible I could have made a purchase. When Charla was gone, so was I.

  2. stefF Says:

    charla was on emvee tv this weekend; it was great to see her and hear her; she still puts forth her stickler for quality, size of item; love it….people may ridicule her use of the ruler, but the perspective it gives us matters; i hope she likes her new venue; she should do well and will be a great addition to this “different” shopping channel…..i hope we dont have to suffer through mediocrity anymore……oh gawd i hope not! great idea emvee tv….boutique shopping channel….limited items, fast paced, quality items….could get tired of generations 1912 though i think

  3. Lori F Says:

    Hi Charla. I wish you the best of luck. I loved you on TV. You were so funny and put a smile on my face. Best of everything to you!!!

  4. satellite TV info Says:

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  5. carolyn simpson Says:

    charla, where are you? always loved your wit, your style and your attitude. so different from the sickening sweet phonies that seem to infect all the shopping channels. please come back. we need you!

  6. anita Says:

    charla glad to see you back on tv you rock love ya

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