Watch Out Lisa Robertson, Hello Robert Lee Morris: The Homeshoppingista Is Coming To West Chester

God willing, The Homeshoppingista will be making a pilgrimage to West Chester, Pa., to meet Robert Lee Morris and Michael Dawkins, among other QVC jewelry designers, later this month.

We got the invite Monday from QVC to its Aug. 21 designer meet-and-greet, which the home shopping channel holds periodically for viewers at its headquarters. That night, and throughout Aug. 22, QVC is doing a 25-hour Sterling Designer Gallery event.

At the meet-and greet, another one of our favorites, Ann King, will be present, as well as Naomi Pevsner, Elizabeth Rand, Elizabeth Showers and Margaret Thurman.

Mom, sister Karen and BFF Ann are supposed to be coming, too.

But then we learned the drive is 2 1/2 hours from Montclair, so we are going to have to stay ovenight rather than make that long drive home at night.

The Homeshoppingista reserved two rooms at a local hotel, but mom and Karen don’t know about that. We hope they still decide to come. Ann is in!

We better leave our AMEX card in Jersey.

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4 Responses to “Watch Out Lisa Robertson, Hello Robert Lee Morris: The Homeshoppingista Is Coming To West Chester”

  1. Joanie-B Says:

    I cannot wait for your up-close-and-personal report. All the real dirt, PLEASE !! Do they give out goodie-bags of sterling jewelry to the attendees ??

  2. Sherry Says:

    have fun Linda. Sounds like a great time. Hope they send you home with a few trinkets as “lovely parting gifts”

  3. Zofia Vandeman Says:

    Thanks this made for fascinating reading. I want your wordpress theme!

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