Lisa Robertson Watch Your Back: QVC Hires Young ‘Multi-Media’ Host, Courtney Cason

QVC queen bee Lisa Robertson may be facing competition from the network's first multi-media host, Courtney Cason

After auditioning many candidates, QVC has hired its first multi-media host, it said on Facebook Wednesday.

“Something big is happening at the Q – meet our first multi-media host, Courtney Cason,” the network told its Facebook friends. “She’s not your traditional host, as you’ll learn! Jump into her world in this video and get to know Courtney. She could pop up anywhere, like, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Cyber Hosting, blogs – tell us, where do you want to see her?”

We bet QVC’s resident glamour-puss host, Lisa Roberston, would like to see Courtney in Siberia.

QVC also posted a video clip of Cason, a spunky brunette from Atlanta, on Facebook. And you know what, we feel about “spunky” people the same way as Lou Grant did on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

We hate spunky.

All we can say is she is from the South, like Robertson. She a pretty brunette, like Robertson. She’s a little manic, like Robertson. And she’s young, fresh out of college — unlike Robertson.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Courtney will “pop up” on QVC, rather than, one day.

Lisa girlfriend, did you ever see “All About Eve”? You may be in for a bumpy ride.


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30 Responses to “Lisa Robertson Watch Your Back: QVC Hires Young ‘Multi-Media’ Host, Courtney Cason”

  1. Hugh Jee Says:

    “Lisa girlfriend, did you ever see “All About Eve”? You may be in for a bumpy ride.”

    Come to think of it…..Lisa does have Bette Davis Eyes.

    • Pete Says:

      Well finally QVC finds a “REAL” Southern Belle, Not some Trailer trash want to be named Lisa Robertson. You can’t be Born in California and lived in California, Kansas, Virginia before Mom & Dad relocated to Collegedale, Tenn. because Mom got theHead of Nursing Job at a Chattanooga Hospital.
      Besides Courtney does have the “Personality” not to mention whenever she walks into a room it gets brighter and people smile, not like when the Prom queen walks in suddenly theres “Terror” in the air.

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    Well, she’s a sparkplug like Bette.

    BTW, I lifted her photo from your blog. Thanks for that.


  3. Hugh Jee Says:

    “BTW, I lifted her photo from your blog. Thanks for that.”

    STOP!!!! Thief!!!!!

    (BTW….I forgot who I stole it from, LOL!)

  4. homeshoppingista Says:

    I’m such a guilt-ridden Catholic, I always have to confess to something.

  5. Joanie-B Says:

    I wonder who will be Courtney’s mentor on the Q …… Not Robertson, I hope.

    I vote for Lisa Mason, my favorite Q Host.

  6. Robert Baker Says:

    Lisa has nothing to worry about. She’s too solid and she’s all personality. Courtney can’t compete with that; she can only add some needed spark and cool to the Q!

  7. frank coleman Says:

    People keep talking about Lisa “should be worried” about this and that person.

    She’s outlasted them all, and always will.

  8. nancy.carroll Says:

    Lisa Robertson is in a class by herself. She’s the only one I watch on QVC because of her wit and personality-not the products she is selling. It’s always fun to see what she will come up with next.
    Also, I think she almost always does a great job of describing the products.

    She is classy and spunky, not “perky”. Can’t stand perky-for example, that girl on with her on Mon evenings!

  9. Gina Says:

    Can’t stand Courtney Cason. Her segues are non-nonsensical, her interview w/Lisa Mason as she was leaving was AWKWARD. Yuk. She needs to go away.

    • Ila Says:

      I agree! If she is on …. the channel is switched. She is just horrible!

    • Donna. Says:

      Courtney rubs me the wrong way too. I don’t even watch her when she comes on. I tried a couple of times, but now I turn my TV off when she comes on. I like all of the other hosts, and I do have several favorites, and Amy is one of them. I do miss Lisa Robertson, but I think she will go on to do better things. I just can not bring myself to even watch Courtney and I always go with my gut feelings.

  10. the world thorugh frosted glasses Says:

    the world thorugh frosted glasses…

    […]Lisa Robertson Watch Your Back: QVC Hires Young ‘Multi-Media’ Host, Courtney Cason « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

  11. domain Says:


    […]Lisa Robertson Watch Your Back: QVC Hires Young ‘Multi-Media’ Host, Courtney Cason « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

  12. Says:

    Lisa has nothing to worry about. Everyone is making this into a high school drama. Everyone at QVC has their own role.

  13. pamnelson Says:

    Where is Lisa Robertson – miss her

  14. qvc watcher Says:

    I loathe this Courtney person motor mouth, insincere, full of…, yuk yuk and more yuk. I turn the tv to another station when she appears.. her voice, her umm.. personality?, Not! Oh yes.. and she owns EVERY product she sells. Give me a break. What a mistake QVC has made hiring her.

  15. Judy Kosloski Says:

    It’s time for big change at QVC. Bring in some new YOUNG talent. Lisa Robertson is all about Lisa Robertson. Who cares where she goes, who she goes with. She is NOT the face of QVC and never will be. If the executives are trying to put her in the same league Kathy Levine was — better think again. She’s not the one. Change is great. I got an extremely nasty letter and they cancelled my account because I returned products made in China!

  16. marianne Constantine Says:

    Lisa you have had your day. you are plastered up with your orange suntan, retinol, collagen, shappers and stale jokes. Give it a break now,Lisa, be noble and let some younger prettier, wittier girl take over.
    “Time is not on your side”.
    Another thing black makes you look older.

  17. Mary Bruno Says:

    Lisa you stink. You’re a small ego girl who needs to be feed all the time. I don’tknow how you got where you did, but you don’t deserve it. You can get nasty with me (true personality) It shows right thru the tv. You’re too old and too nasty. Are you starting to worry peptide, retinol, collageen and who knows what else but please don’t let me forget that orange phoney tan.

  18. janet miller Says:

    Lisa, these people on here are brutal towards you…people just dont realize how nice and geniune you really are…I think you take the time to alwayas look good and you have a great personality..shame on them..

  19. Anne Says:

    I get tired of Courney’s cool, know-it-all attitude. She seems to come across the same no matter what product she’s presenting, all while appearing to know it all, having done it all. Same smile, same nod of the head, all while checking herself out in the monitor. Then again, we have a Prez who has the same demeanor and it’s taken him far. You go, girl. Maybe you’ll be president one day, too!

  20. Michelle Says:

    Lisa is the best host on qvc they know it, their business is not competitive they are all genuine nice people who seem to all love each other, more of us should do the same. There is compition in everything we do in life, it is how you handle it, that ‘s shows who you are and what you are made of. Lisa is not the kind of person who let’s what others say bother her. Good job Lisa some people are just jealous, it is because they are not happy in their own skin.

  21. connie Says:

    She just rubs me the wrong way. Obvious narcissistic personality. Constantly watches here image on the monitor all the time and it’s annoying.
    There are such nicer and genuine personalities on QVCm get rid lisa, rick d, jane ( I was a ballet dancer) treacy.shawn and a few others…keep this a show for customers, not ‘personalities’, it’s becoming a joke.

  22. Jacqueline Duplanteier Says:

    It is indeed sad that we need to chose one personality over another.
    Lisa worked her way up to become the face of QVC. One host is
    not a favorite of all. But why attack the success of Lisa, the negative comments, and hate doesn’t help nor hurt her. But I’m sure your Karma is in need of prayer. Please take time Pete to realize that being a Southern Belle is so 1820. Why not wish her well for an outstanding job, that was difficult , yet she made look easy. Why not wish her blessings. She doesn’t have to watch her back. Lisa will succeed, in spite of your need Pete to have a perky, real down home Southern Belle. It is so sad that Common Sense is no longer Common. Lisa added a ray of sunlight to many, studied, so that her presentations were informative, and did a wonderful job.
    Perhaps you should apply for a job at QVC, and become as successful as Lisa. Oh, that’s right you have no life, and your abilities only lie in your inability to compliment a true professional.

  23. terri cummins Says:

    Well Lisa has always been pretentious. And now since her “retirement” it is even more evident. Look of the day, guess where I am now etc. Most people can barely afford the food she posts at dinners out or the designer clothes and high maintenance life style she lives. No wonder she never married or has kids. She needs to be more giving if she can be so pretentious. Do some giveaways if you are so truly blessed to your dedicated followers. Kind of sad her life, a huge home with excessive xmas decorations that kind of look like someone vomited xmas all over her house and banister. She needs to step back and take a realistic look at her life. Kinda fake, with all that makeup , extensions, fillers, botox etc. But if it floats her unfulfilled life good for her. It is sad Tesa

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