Don’t Look For HSN Rock God Jay King’s Turquoise Bowls After October

You may not see this King bowl anymore after the fall

HSN rock star Jay King’s current turquoise and lapis bowls are not long for this world.

King, who has HSN’s Today’s Special Wednesday, said on his first show at midnight that he will have some of the popular bowls coming in October.

“After that, I don’t know if we’ll be able to do it anymore,” King said.

With turquoise so scarce and expensive, it looks like doing the bowls in the current design just uses up too much of that “rough.”

King was asked about the bowls again at 1 p.m., from a woman who wanted to buy one for her husband’s birthday.

That time, King hedged a bit and said he was “trying” to bring the bowls back in October, again citing skyrocketing turquoise prices as the problem.

“The turquoise had gone through the roof,” he told that caller.

And even later King hedged again about even having the bowls in October, saying, “That’s not a guarantee.”

King's garnet necklace

But take heart. King, who just came back from being on the road for five weeks, also mentioned that he has just designed four more bowls. So maybe we’ll see them coming up on HSN.

Wednesday is HSN’s 24-hour Silver Celebration, and King’s TS is a garnet waterfall necklace for $100.

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3 Responses to “Don’t Look For HSN Rock God Jay King’s Turquoise Bowls After October”

  1. Judy Says:

    I love the bowl, did you get one? I know how you love turquoise.

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    I do love it, but it was pricey — $300 to $400, I think.

    And by the time I saw it was even online, it was sold out already. It was crazy.

  3. beverly hughes Says:

    Hi Jay:
    I know that your not doing the multi-amber necklace anymore ,but I realyy wanted one and if you happen to find one laying around, I will buy it ASAP! I love your work and just became a strong collector last year and I have many of your peices.
    I loveooo the stories that you tell behind the jewlery. I’m a botanical illustrator and go to the actual sites of the flowers that I am researching so I really appreciate how you journey all over the world collecting these exqusite stones for us. Thank you. If I can’t get that necklace, I have ordered the turqoise-amber necklace and ring. I loved the idea that the insects have been captured it from millions of years ago. That is a selling feature Jay, plus science. I also have your fossil bracelet. It’s AMAZING!!!!! Just be careful going into any mine that you visit. I’ve never had such a collection of jewlery like I’ve collected of your work.
    When i know your coming to town, I drop EVERTHING! You go out and bring back the past and the future to your collectors from places taht we could never travel to. Thank you Jay.

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