Sheryl Crow Rocks The House, And A Sexy Miniskirt, Live On QVC — She’s Got A Denim Line Coming Out, Too

Sheryl Crow

Nine-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow’s live performance on QVC Monday night was one of the best, most natural performances we’ve seen of a musical artist on a home shopping network. Her whole band was there to perform songs from her new CD, which will be released tomorrow, called “100 Miles From Memphis.”

Crow looked gorgeous, wearing a tiny turquoise sequined miniskirt and a cream sleeveless cowl top. When host Lisa Robertson came over to talk to Crow, she told her, “Don’t bend over in that one.”

Robertson later on made reference to Crow’s sexy mini again, joking, “That skirt is available separately for a very reasonable price.”

Crow mentioned that she had a new denim line coming out, with jeans no more than $60, but it was unclear if that merchandise is for QVC. We’ll check that with QVC’s crack PR department.

What the home shopping network was selling Mondaya was Crow’s “100 Miles from Memphis CD” and a six-track bonus CD for $19.

It’s a bluesy CD, according to Crow, who is a former school teacher. “I grew up 100 miles from Memphis,” Crow told Robertson, explaining the album’s title.

Crow was loose and relaxed. “Can we say ‘kick-ass’ on QVC?” she asked Robertson at one point.

And at another point she joked, “A girl can’t have enough Grammys.”

For a live audience at QVC’s West Chester studios, Crow sang songs from the new CD as well as old favorites such as “All I Want To Do.”

In between numbers, Robertson chatted Crow up. The singer said that she wanted this album to be about ‘vulnerability” and “desire,” as opposed to prior albums that were more political.

Crow is about to go on tour with her new band, and her message to her fans was, “We’re so excited to have a new record out.”

There is a Volume 2 of “100 Miles From Memphis” coming, according to Crow.

We guess Crow’s good looks and her musical talent came from her parents back in Missouri. She said both her parents were musicians who played in a swing band.

And when Robertwon asked Crow how she kept in such great shape, which was something we wanted to know, the singe said, “A large part of it is genetic.”

But Crow also said she is active and likes to do athletic things outdoors.

QVC sold more than 3,500 of the CD sets. At least, that was the last count that Robertson gave during the show.

Here’s what QVC’s website said about the CD:

“Not just a location, ‘100 Miles from Memphis’ reflects a state of mind to Sheryl Crow. Showcased by the first single ‘Summer Day,’ her seventh album displays an impressive range of feeling and performance rooted in her small-town upbringing. If you can’t get enough of this talented singer-songwriter, you’ll enjoy more of your favorite Sheryl Crow tunes on the six-track CD of her greatest hits.”

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2 Responses to “Sheryl Crow Rocks The House, And A Sexy Miniskirt, Live On QVC — She’s Got A Denim Line Coming Out, Too”

  1. Hugh Jee Says:

    What a great job QVC, and Sheryl and company, did last night!

    And, oh yeah….that mini- skirt was HOT!

    While watching I thought that The Q did a better job in presenting a musical performance than the alleged music channels do, with all of their insipid commercials that break up performances. Lisa did an amazing job in her between song interviews, always knowing the right question to ask ( I knew of Sheryl’s work with Don Henley on THE END OF THE INNOCENCE, but I didn’t know of her work and friendship with MJ). At no time did the sales pitch seem over the top, but seemed almost like a primer about Sheryl and her career, and of the CD’s production.

    Sheryl gave an inspired performance that made me think she was channeling some Al Green, or the Stax-Volt stars of the Sixties and Seventies. And speaking of channeling, she sounded uncannily like the 12 year old Michael Jackson on in that cover of I WANT YOU BACK.

    A fine job by all….well done indeed!

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    I agree. I’ll give credit where credit is due.

    Sheryl was so down to earth, and Lisa did well.

    I need to add that Michael Jackson stuff to my blog. I had no idea that Crow had a connection to MK either.

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