Martha Stewart’s HSN Debut Is A Lot Less Memorable Than Liza Minnelli’s: It’s A Good Thing

HSN promoted Martha Stewart’s debut on the home shopping network with a lot of fanfare, as it did for Liza Minnelli’s debut.

Luckily for HSN, Martha did a lot better than Liza, who was barely coherent while describing her clothing and jewelry line.

Stewart, clad in an aqua shirt, has HSN’s Today’s Special Monday, a set of paper punches at $40. Years ago Stewart was on QVC, and we saw her several times. She was rather rude and unpleasant to host Kathy Levine.

In contrast, she was very warm and charming with HSN host Callie Northagen at midnight about her crafting products. She ouynthusiastically demonstrated her punches, which have several patents pending.

“I’m having so much fun here,” Stewart told Northagen.

What you can make with the TS

Our favorite quote from fawning Northagen to Stewart: “Martha, you made the glue gun what it is today.” Honey, it ain’t a cure for cancer!

And our favorite Stewart quote: “I was just going to bedazzle my butterfly.” OK, whatever floats your boat.

We guess crafters love Stewart’s kits, which you can use to make cards, frames, package decorations, etc. Since you would more likely see us try to fly to the moon than sit down and do a homemade card, it was hard for us to be enthusiastic about Stewart’s punches, glitter and paper. It’s not our thing. But the products looked good.

We were also introduced to Alex Perruzzi, who Stewart described as “our crafty guru.” He was a pleasant enough young man. We will bet dollars to donuts that following Stewart’s premiere appearances, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Perruzzi on HSN than we will of Stewart.

As Stewart admired one of the cards made with her punches, she told Perruzzi she wanted that card for her birthday, which is coming up. We know all about that Martha: Our niece Sydney has the same birthday as you, Aug. 3.

In her second hour, Stewart talked up her Cricit Cake Martha Stewart edition, which sells for $360.

So Stewart, who is from a town we spent a miserable decade in — Nutley, N.J. — did pretty well whille we were watching.

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2 Responses to “Martha Stewart’s HSN Debut Is A Lot Less Memorable Than Liza Minnelli’s: It’s A Good Thing”

  1. Hugh Jee Says:

    “Martha Stewart’s HSN Debut Is A Lot Less Memorable Than Liza Minnelli’s”- It’s pretty darn hard to followup the Titanic.

    Seriously….nice to see Ms. Stewart had a successful HSN debut…..and has there ever been an individual who’s ever done a better job of rehabbing their public image than Martha Stewart (hint to Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson, yadda, yadda….Michael Richards…the list goes on)?

    BTW; It’s still way too hot in these parts, isn’t Linda?

    “Nutley”….New Jersey leads the nation in towns with funny sounding names. We have to #1 in something.

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    Hugh Jee:

    You are exactly right about Martha and the heat.

    But did you read my second blog about how who her crafts guy was made up to look like model Linda Evangelista?

    This summer NJ has been more like Phoenix than anything. I’m playing hookey today and going to Spring Lake with my friend, her teen-aged son and 4 or 5 of his friends.

    Of course, it’s been roasting for days but today it’s cool. I hope the sun comes out.

    Have you seen “Restrepo”?


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