Retro ‘Mad Men’ Fashion Coming To QVC

We met her on the set of “Mad Men” in LA, and Emmy-nominated costumer designer Janie Bryant is bringing a clothing line to QVC, according to AOL.

Thanks for the heads up, you dunces in West Chester. We had to find out about this news relating to one of our favorite, and Emmy-winning, TV shows from our sister Karen today.

Bryant will debut her line in September, which will have that Birdy and Joan 1960’s look.

“The Mod line will appeal to lovers of vintage fashion with its boleros, capelets and Jackie Kennedy-esque pillbox hats,” AOl said..

“Mad Men” will premiere its fourth season on AMC July 25.

We met Bryant during the summer Television Critics Association press tour two years ago, when AMC took the press to the show’s set in downtown LA. All the cast was there. We stalked Jon Hamm, who is not only good looking but charming and funny. He’s a Pisces.

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4 Responses to “Retro ‘Mad Men’ Fashion Coming To QVC”

  1. stefF Says:

    am all for the retro look…….however, if i work it, i’d look like i never left the era LOL……decorum, good taste, sensible, attractive……are sexy too…..the new Pendleton catalog has retro look….absolutely fantastic…..i say go for it…now what QVC needs, or SNBC, or HSN…….there is a lady out there who designs for Muslim women…..she believes that women can be just as attractive being covered as to those who “bare all”……i agree with her; i forgot her name, but i say go, girl…the world needs you too 🙂

  2. Joanie-B Says:

    Boleros ~~ UGH. I hate them. They make you look like you are wearing something that got shrunk in the washer, or you are wearing a child’s clothing item.

    Otherwise Sixties Retro, that’s OK with me. Classic Clothing.

  3. Hugh Jee Says:

    And it looks like MADMEN and the former Sterling-Cooper crew are going to be in the middle of it all when the Sixties REALLY took off.

    When we last saw them it was in a hotel room forming a new agency in December, 1963. JFK was dead, and The Beatles were about five weeks away from arriving in America…..and at no other time would American culture would be transformed so radically in such a relatively small time frame.

    It’s interesting to see the Retro Look returning via QVC….but it never really left, there’s always been some wrinkle pulled out from the era in both men’s and women’s fashions.

    I wonder which of the Sterling Cooper men will get a Beatle haircut first…..I say it will be Kenny Cosgrove (to the chagrin of Bert Cooper and disdain of Roger Sterling).

    And I wonder how many wide paisley ties Don Draper will be buying in the future?

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