Diva Liza Minnelli Is Making A Shaky Appearance On HSN For Its Birthday Celebration Kickoff

Liza Minnelli on HSN

We tuned in to see icon Liza Minnelli’s two-hour segment on HSN about five minutes after it started, and it just does not seem like this talented lady is up to snuff.

Maybe we’re crazy, but to us Liza seems to be slurring her words right now, and she does not sound sharp the way she did in a promo for the debut of her HSN Liza Collection.

And Liza is slumped down in her chair across from host Bobbi Ray Carter. She hasn’t faced the camera head-on in the first half-hour that we have seen so far.

We don’t like the HSN set, either. It’s a bit cheesy, with a fake-looking scene of Manhattan’s skyline. There is also a piano on the set.

Liza hasn’t stumbled and not been very articulate about describing her sequined and velvet fashions, which are actually much prettier than they looked online.

We’re trying to find a cogent quote from Liza. When Carter mentioned that Minnelli’s father had been a costume designer, so she grew with fashion, Liza said, “I guess it’s in my blood.”

She later said, “Halston was my hero.”

Nonetheless, Liza’s fans are calling in in force. They certainly love her and are showering her in praise.

One caller said, “I love you and I loved your mother,” referring to Judy Garland.

“So do I,” Liza said in a poignant moment.

Carter keeps plugging Liza’a recent cameo in “Sex and the City 2,” a movie that was pretty much universally panned.

The first hour of Liza’s appearance featured fashion, and the next hour is fashion jewelry.

We loved her sequined tank dress, which was $99. We’ve had gotten it in the read, if we weren’t trying to go back on our budget.

Liza is helping HSN kick off its 33rd birthday, an extravangza that will feature some events from Las Vegas. HSN’s vendors/talent will be out in force to help HSN celebrate during this Fourth of July weekend.

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6 Responses to “Diva Liza Minnelli Is Making A Shaky Appearance On HSN For Its Birthday Celebration Kickoff”

  1. Ellen M Says:

    I agree with you. I’m watching Liza and Bobbi Ray Carter and it’s painful to watch. Liza is not with it. Bobbi Ray Carter is talking non-stop to try to cover up for Liza’s MIA status but it only makes everything seem more frantic to me. I’m wish Liza the best, though.

  2. Mary Says:

    I thought it was pretty apparent something was not quite right with Liza – I tuned in a bit late to see Bobbi talking nonstop and Liza interjecting “Yes!” and “No!” and often-incoherent things at varied intervals. For a while I wondered why Bobbi was not letting the celebrity guest speak, and then it become pretty clear why. I do hope Liza is OK — she made reference to being laid up for an orthopedic problem recently (something about making a recording while “flat on her back”…) and she has had lots of knee/hip/back problems from her dancing years. It’s possible she was on meds. If it were me, I would have skipped the meds to live-launch my HSN line, though…

  3. Has Liza Minnelli’s Track-Wreck Appearance On HSN Gone Viral? « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss Says:

    […] Minnelli’s Track-Wreck Appearance On HSN Gone Viral? By homeshoppingista You read it here first, folks. But the media is having a field day writing about diva Liza Minnelli’s disastrous […]

  4. Jamie Says:

    I am really, really REALLY tired of all the famous actors singers and entertainers coming out with their own lines of this and that. The first person to do that, and all she did was an infomercial for hair care products, was Cher. Everyone made fun of her for it, and then, ever single hollywood person, whether a has-been or not, had to come out with their own lines of jewelry, skin care, fashion and their own perfumes. It’s ridiculous! It’s absolutely ridiculous! Just think about it. Almost every single movie star, TV star, singing star, and their mothers have to have their on line of stuff. There are probably hundreds and hundreds of unknown fashion designers perfume houses jewelry makers that do all the work while some has-been over sees and then goes on TV and BS’s endlessly about how they put so much into it. Maybe some do and some don’t, but the rich get richer and all the stars with their own line of products has been beyond ridiculous ages ago.

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