Diva Liza Minnelli’s New HSN Apparel And Jewelry Line Is Not As Colorful As Her Past

Liza Minnelli

Believe it or not, Liza Minnelli will be appearing on HSN next Wednesday to kick off the home shopping network’s 33rd birthday in July. Ms. “New York, New York” will be premiering an apparel and jewelry line inspired by her own wardrobe and baubles.

HSN announced back in May that it had rounded up Minnelli for its big birthday festivities, in which it is partnering with Harrah’s for a multi-million dollar promotion that will be shot on-site in Las Vegas.

HSN has already begun running promos with Minnelli for her June 30 appearance, and those eager to see what The Liza Collection is all about can now find her mechandise on HSN.com.

Jewelry is our thing, and we think Minnelli’s fashion jewelry pieces for HSN are OK, but nothing particularly different or earth-shattering. She has one of the largest collections of Elsa Peretti jewelry in the world, and several of her jewelry items appear to have been “Inspired” by Perretti, including two pendants on cords.

Peretti now designs for Tiffany & Co.

Minnelli’s HSN clothing includes a black velvet halter jumpsuit, black velvet pants and a velvet jacket, an odd assortment of items to be selling when it’s 95 degrees out with 90 percent humidity.

It’s interesting that HSN is partnering with a scandal-stained, albeit talented, figure like Minnelli. She’s been keepig a pretty low profile, but several years ago she was constant fodder in the Big Apple tabloids. That was when she “married” David Guest in 2002, where singer Michael Jackson served as best man and Elizabeth Taylor was maid of honor.

We just don’t believe, and not that there’s anything wrong with that, that Guest plays on the same team as Liza and The Homeshoppingista, if you catch our drift. And they both filed for divorce in 2003, after just over a year of marraiage.

And then in their incredibly nasty divorce proceedings, Gest alleges that he was a victim of domestic violence during their ill-fated marriage. There were lots of other ugly accusations.

However, in January 2007 Minnelli and Gest finally settled their bitter differences and had a no-fault divorce.

Minnellli’s had a rocky life, like her mom legend Judy Garland. And she’s got talent, and is a survivor. So in the end, that’s all that matters.

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3 Responses to “Diva Liza Minnelli’s New HSN Apparel And Jewelry Line Is Not As Colorful As Her Past”

  1. planetspinz Says:

    If you think Liza Minnelli has been keeping a low profile of late, you have not been paying attention. Let me just give you the run down of the last year for Liza. June 2009, she won a Tony award for Liza’s at the Palace. The day Michael Jackson died, Liza was on tour in Europe to rave reviews. When she returned from Europe, she was unable to make it to the Michael Jackson memorial concert because she was working, filming her cameo in Drop Dead Diva. After that she was preparing for her Australian tour, her performance of Liza’s at the Palace in Las Vegas for her DVD/Public TV fundraiser show, and for her numbers in Sex in the City.

    She did the Sex in the City movie. Then she filmed the DVD in Vegas. Then she went on tour (with extra shows added) in Australia. While in Australia she was on Australian Idol, where she mentored some singers, and was a guest judge.

    Then she had to have her knee replacement surgery because after all the dancing she had been doing for the last three years on her worldwide tours to Europe, South America, the United States and Australia.

    While she was healing from her knee surgery, she designed this jewelry line, which she said was influenced by Elsa Peretti. She also recorded her new album Confessions,and put together her new show, which she will be performing nationwide from now until December.

    And that does not include the awards she has won for her charitable work.

    So what have you been doing this past year? How much money have you raised for children, people living with HIV/AIDS?

    So if that’s Liza keeping a low profile – I can’t imagine what she would look like if she was not keeping a low profile. Next time you write a review, do your homework.

    Start here http://www.officiallizaminnelli.com/appearances.html

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      You are absolutely right. What I should have said is that she had not gotten much press in the tabloids. As you have informed me, she has had her plate full.

      As for what I’ve been doing the past year, I’m been trying to make enough money to pay my mortgage, pay COBRA and pay other assorted bills after being laid off in Jan. 2009.

      That’s part of the reason I haven’t kept exact tabs on Ms. Minnelli’s schedule and doings.

  2. Mary Says:

    I thought her jewelry looked a lot like Elsa Peretti knockoffs! Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Wasn’t aware Liza was a big Peretti collector, so thanks for the insight.

    The L’una guys on HSN went with the semi-Peretti look, too, in actual sterling silver – not silvertone as Liza has. And most of that original L’una stuff is now on clearance – I was so glad I waited on a couple of those pieces, because they are bargains now!

    I was fortunate enough to have been able to interview Liza by phone a couple of years ago for a magazine article. She was so nice – very friendly and down-to-earth, and funny!

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