Homeshoppingista Yard Sale Today in Jersey: QVC, HSN Gemstone Silver Jewelry Priced To Sell And A Diamond Dallas Prince Cross

The Dallas Prince diamond cross we hate to part with, but will help pay our $900 disability insurance this month

Forgive the typos, and the short notice, but we are running really late. But we wanted you to know that we and our sister Karen are having a yard sale today, Saturday.

It starts at 9 a.m., and The Homeshoppingista is obviously not at our sister’s yet. We overslept, and we have to take a shower and dress still! We’re going to be at least an hour late!

But we have some nice real gemstone and silver jewelry to sell, with many pieces purchased at HSN and QVC. It will be priced to sell.

We apologize talented jewelry designer Dallas Prince, but we also have one of your signature diamond and gold crosses to sell. It’s not that we we don’t like it, but we need to raise some cash and trim down our jewelry collection.

When we had a nice-payng job we splurged a couple of years ago and bought Dallas’s Gothic cross for $1,000 on ShopNBC. That’s when gold was a quarter of the price it is now. The cross also has a box chain, which would be over $100 on its own. Our asking price is $700, which we know isn’t peanuts, but the price is negotiable. But “negotiable” doesn’t mean a lowball price of $250. Don’t waste our time with that. We’re not destitute, or that desperate for money.

We have the receipt for the cross, and can prove we paid $1,000.

So if you live in Jersey, near Whippany — 155 Park Avenue, to be exact — stop by and meet Homeshoppingista and her family — and get some geat buys on silver and gemstone jewelry.

We’re selling all this stuff because our apartment is just too cluttered, which is a no-no in Feng Shui.

And we could use the extra cash, because we have a lot of billls this month: $900 disability insurance $500 COBRA to name just two.

When you come, we’ll be the one frantically trying to unpack and display over 100 pieces of jewelry, 30 scarves and 40 books.


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6 Responses to “Homeshoppingista Yard Sale Today in Jersey: QVC, HSN Gemstone Silver Jewelry Priced To Sell And A Diamond Dallas Prince Cross”

  1. stefF Says:

    good luck……i love dallas’ stuff…….and i like her also……

  2. Paula Marx Says:

    How did the yard sale go? I pay Cobra for my son and it’s a fortune each month.

  3. homeshoppingista Says:

    I made $260 or so, which was great, but I really sold my silver jewelry dirt cheap. My COBRA is $500 a month, and I just mailed the check for it. So that $260 is a big help.

    But I wish I could sell that diamond cross. that would pay for rest of COBRA and part of my $900 disability insurance.

    It was sunny and hot in NJ Saturday, and we all roasted in th heat. I got a back sunburn on my back, cause I had a sundress on.

  4. Hoster Says:

    Great blog very informative, I have bookmarked your blog, and I will come back often.


  5. Regina Gill Says:

    I am sorry that you are parting with such a lovely cross, but still, I am confident that you will receive your asking price. I am not much of a home shopper, however i have been looking everywhere for a particular Dallas Prince ring. I had purchased it at ShopNBC as a birthday gift for my daughter, and just shy of a week later she lost it. It is white gold, square shank, oval amethys and diamond ring. If you have something like that or have an idea where I might find past pieces of Dallas Prince, I would be very inetested.

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