Did HSN Cameo Purveyor Amedeo Use An Ethnic Slur Friday Night?

Amedeo, we hope you didn't say what we thought you said

We were just coming in with a load of packages from Target and TJ Maxx Friday night (yeah, we know, The Homeshoppingista has a hot social life), and we immediately turned on the TV as our soothing white noise.

We put HSN on, and we were only half listening, but we thought we heard the channel’s Italian cameo master, Amedeo Scognamiglio, use an ethnic slur.

He was talking about how skilled the artisans who carve his cameos are, and he said, “Not just any wetback can do this,” or words to that effect. But the word that alarmed us was “wetback.”

Maybe we misheard, and if so, we apologize. But we would swear that’s what we heard. We’ll watch the video from the show, and if were wrong, we will post about our error.

Or any HSN viewers, if you heard Amedeo say what we thought he said, please post a comment here.

But if we’re right, Amedeo — as an immigrant — should know better than to use the term “wetback.”

We were out of hearing range of our TV for the rest of the cameo show, and maybe some kind of apology was made that we missed.

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5 Responses to “Did HSN Cameo Purveyor Amedeo Use An Ethnic Slur Friday Night?”

  1. Maxine49 Says:

    Where are the comments?

  2. Amedeo Says:

    Dear Linda,

    I just accidentally found your blog ( crazy for someone who in ON hsn, uh): I find the blog witty, well written and extremely helpful.
    But, although I am flattered to be mentioned in it, I must tell you that your worry is absolutely wrong, and you know why? Because I didn’t even know there existed such a word, “wetback”‘ and still don’t know its meaning or the background of it. that is why i can categorically, emphatically, enthusiastically and absolutely…deny i ever said that. Also, as you know, all of HSN shows’ recordings can be found on YouTube and hsn.com, if you remember when and what piece of jewelry we were talking about. Et voilà!
    Sorry if you misunderstood, it is my fault for sure, due to my heavy accent but rest assure: Italians are not racist in any way, and there has never been any racism in Italy, whatsoever. And that might be the reason why the whole world loves my Country, and…all of us! Ciao ciao. Amedeo

  3. Amedeo Says:

    I grew up way too far, and in a too distant environment to even know how to spell the word you thougt you heard. Also, working at the bench myself since i was 16yo, i consider my self more of a worker than a thinker.
    But now that my facebook friends explained to me the meaning of it, i even doubt it could be an ethnic slur..unless there is infact such an “ethnicity” called that strange word. I will make sure to enunciate more properly, when I am on HSN so you wont mishear any more.

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