Ex-ShopNBC Host Charla Rines Says She’s Close To New Job At A Start-Up: Is It EmVee TV?

This mug may be back on the air soon

Loyal fans of former ShopNBC host Charla Rines, you may be seeing her back on the air soon — apparently selling high-end goods.

Rines, who was let go by ShopNBC in January, wrote on Facebook Wednesday that she may close to a deal for a new gig.

“Well, I’m close to putting my mug back on air at a small start-up,” she wrote. “If I can make this happen you ladies will have your luxury product back big time. all prayers welcome!!!”

One of our astute readers suggested that Rines may be heading to EmVee TV, which describes itself as “a boutique shopping channel.” It’s available on DirecTV and Dish Network. Former ShopNBC vendors the Ramseys are already on EmVee TV.

Here’s how the network describes itself:

EmVee TV is a “boutique” home shopping network focusing on the sale of quality products that are unique, available in limited quantity or offered exclusively by Emvee TV, via television and http://www.emveetv.com. On January 9th, 2010, EmVee TV began broadcasting to over 32 million homes on DirecTV and Dish Network and a 25 year old dream of founders, Mark Brown and Rebecca Moore came true. Mark and Rebecca have worked for and with the largest home shopping networks…

Rines’s fans have been quite vocal about ShopNBC’s change in strategy, and they’re not very happy about the network moving away from peddling high-end jewelry to food, housewares, etc.

In a footnote to her Facebook post, Rines added, “Wow,this unemployment has got me cooking edible food. Madison and boyfriend are even eating my meals. I’m especially proud of my Chicken Kiev!”

Well Charla, unemployment hasn’t helped our cooking skills at all.

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5 Responses to “Ex-ShopNBC Host Charla Rines Says She’s Close To New Job At A Start-Up: Is It EmVee TV?”

  1. stefF Says:

    hmmmmmm, emveetv?? where ive seen the ramsey’s and some pretty nifty shoes….? hope so…..if it is, drop your cable tv and get directtv…let charla put her energy into a new project….thats where she shines……good luck in whatever she does……

  2. Barbara V Says:

    I have sooooooooo missed Charla and the changes to ShopNBC have made me watch less and less all the time… I so dislike many of the new hosts,,, i will definitly be shopping much less there. Look forward to finding Charla and also one of my other favorites from very long ago Karen Connolly who was on the now defunct GemsTV !!??

  3. Caroline Miller Says:

    Go Charla! Hope to see you on air. Miss you terribly. You are one in a million.
    Love you,
    Caroline Miller

  4. You Go Girl . . . Says:

    Charla was my favorite host. Shop NBC has noticably gone downhill with he loss of several good hosts and vendors. I have been a regular shopper for 10 years. It use to be the best, but no more. What were they thinking???

  5. Mary kusiak Says:

    Charla was funny, They lost a good host.

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