HSN Host Colleen Lopez’s Home Remedy For Laryngitis

We saw HSN host Colleen Lopez coughing up a storm during one of her Designer Gallery shows last Saturday, one of our favorite segments on the network.

She was trying to be a trooper, telling viewers that she was at the tail end of a cold, and even though she sounded terrible, she felt pretty good.

Well, the next day poor Colleen lost her voice and had to call in sick.

On Facebook Monday, she offered up her home remedy for laryngitis, which is something we get fairly often.

3 Tbls. apple cyder vinegar
3 Tbls. honey
Squeeze of lemon
A few shakes of cayenne pepper

Put in a cup with hot water and sip.

“Might sound like a strange combo, but it really works – my voice is coming back and throat is a lot less sore….Try it next time you have a sore throat :-),” she wrote.

Thanks for the tip, Colleen!

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3 Responses to “HSN Host Colleen Lopez’s Home Remedy For Laryngitis”

  1. Colleen Lopez Says:

    Hi Linda!
    My Facebook Friends are suggesting their own home remedies for a sore throat including Jack Daniels, Brandy, and Mango Ice Cream! If mine doesn’t work – Might want to give theirs a try!

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