Stop The Presses: You Can Say ‘Orgasm,’ As In NARS Cosmetics, On QVC Now

QVC has apparently lifted its ridiculous ban of the word “orgasm.”

Monday morning prim QVC host Jill Bauer used the naughty “O” word during a presentation on a three-piece collection of NARS Orgasm lip gloss and blush. Orgasm is a popular, pretty peach makeup shade by NARS.

But in the past, as recently as a week or so ago, QVC host Lisa Robertson was not allowed to say “Orgasm” when talking about the NARS cosmetics. Hello, it’s 2010, not 1950!

Today, however, Bauer started off the NARS presentation by saying, “We’re going to say a grown-up word here.”

She warned viewers to shoo any children out of the room.

Then she and the NARS rep discussed the Orgasm makeup.

“It’s a magical color,” Bauer said.

It sure is, Jill.

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