Say What? Journalist/TV Host Joan Lunden Brings Bedding Line To QVC

Everyone’s getting into the home-shopping game. The latest one is veteran TV host/journalist Joan Lunden, who is doing a line of bedding for QVC, “Joan Lunden Home,” that debuts this Wednesday.

We’ve already seen promos featuring Lunden and here’s what says about its newest vendor.

Popular television host, American journalist and author, Joan Lunden debuts her signature line of bedding on QVC. Retreat from the everyday with versatile bedding essentials to help you create the bedroom you’ve always dreamed of. Channeling her knack for comfort and fashion, Joan Lunden shows you the pieces that make her house a home.

From comforters and sheets to pillows, throws and more, create your personal style with exquisite embellishments and textures both superior in quality and affordability. For easy living and decorating, look no further than the fashionable and coordinated bedding collection of Joan Lunden HOME.

What qualifications or expertise does Lunden have to be designing bedding? None that we can think of. That said, her bedding looked pretty good to us. It was dark, sophisticated, kind of like Calvin Klein does sheets and pillowcases.

 But you can judge for yourself by either going to QVC’s website, or tuning in to Lunden’s show at 11 p.m. Wednesday. 



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4 Responses to “Say What? Journalist/TV Host Joan Lunden Brings Bedding Line To QVC”

  1. StefF Says:

    what qualifications? I think that applies to lots of “celebrities” that launch their line of whatever……it either floats or sinks….and not usually based on their expertise but their salesmanship and the merchandise itself…..time will tell…..but puhleeeeeeze, home shopping has gone amuck! too much stuff, way too much stuff and too much gas wasted delivering merchandise and returning merchandise…..i must say, for me, home shopping channels are annoying as hell….endless people trying to be “hip” and appeal to the shallowest part of human nature……what will our friends think and what will our neighbors envy? sorry, a little jaded….i go back to why i liked Charla so much and im sure many others liked her so much……she was different and she didnt appeal to our vanity…..we liked what we liked and we liked the product because we could see all aspects of it….it was quality….(at least most of it was)…..shopnbc is a classic example of “throwing out the baby with the bathwater”…..and some of their fashions……puhleeeeeze, next year it will be in the rag bag…nothing classy ive seen so far, nothing “classic”…feel free not to print this if it is too negative

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    Girlfriend, give em hell. I agree with you on a lot of this.

  3. Pilar Says:

    So, here we go again. Another fading “celebrity” with the answer to all our home decor, aging skin, tired wardrobe, fat asses, (you pick the topic…surely some has-been will come to your rescue.) Yawn. Perhaps this “line” she’s selling is just the same old tired sheets, being passed from “star” to “star”. (Hi, Whoopie.) They all just disgust me. As do all the hosts. Rarely watch any of them any more. BTW, wasn’t Joan on recently with some kind of motivational book (yeah, what an inspiration she is), and, prior to that, some kind of leash for children? Gawd. Make it stop.

  4. Pine Wardrobe · Says:

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