ShopNBC Does ‘Twilight,’ And We’re Talking About Black Diamonds, Not Young Vampires

On its 30-hour Diamond Day Sunday, ShopNBC introduced a new line of black diamonds, called the Twilight Diamond Collection.

In fact, the network’s Today’s Top Value was a one-carat black and white diamond sterling silver stick cross.

The cross was $188, at five $38 Value Pays. We know we shouldn’t have, but we ordered it. We collect crosses, and a black diamond one was too much to resist. If it is really sparkly, we’ll keep it. If not, it goes back.

ShopNBC’s rivals have been selling colored diamonds for some time. QVC, as part of its trademark Affinity diamond line, offers Skylit Affinity blue diamonds, as well as champagne, black and yellow diamonds.

HSN sells black and blue diamonds, although not under any special name.

And just like QVC has its diamond expert, Michael O’Connor, ShopNBC trotted out its counterpart to him, “Jewelry Expert” Liz Bucheit, on Sunday.

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