QVC Designer Izaac Mizrahi’s Appearance on ‘Jeopardy’: We Can’t Shake This Guy

No matter what we do or where we go, we can’t seem to get away from home shopping.

Last night at the gym (another exciting Friday night), as we were wiping sweat from our brow while on the elliptical, we glanced at the TV screen of the guy next to us. He was watching “Jeopardy,” and we thought we were seeing things. Was that guy in the middle of the panel QVC designer Isaac Mizrahi?

We tuned to “Jeopardy” on our own TV screen, and yes, it was the curly-haired wonder himself. It was a “Celebrity Jeopardy” show, and Mizrahi was competing against Jane Curtin, a veteran of the old “Saturday Night Live,” and CC Pounder, the talented actress who had a big role in FX’s “The Shield.”

Mizrahi is bright, and he was ahead of his two rivals for part of the competition. But then Curtin pulled way ahead of him. Pounder proved that she should just stick with acting.

Then came the final “Jeopardy” question, where Mizrahi had a chance to pull ahead of Curtin. The question was which British actor was the first to be knighted. Both Mizrahi and Curtin got the right answer, Laurence Olivier, but Curtin was so still far ahead she won. She got $35,000 for her favorite charity.

Pounder bombed out, and wound up with zero dollars.

How QVC finagled to get Mizrahi, a fashion designer, qualified as a celebrity for “Jeopardy,” we don’t know. But score one for the QVC PR department.

By the way, Mizrahi ears should be ringing. He is the target of a lot of anger on QVC’s online forums, now that news leaked that Louis Dell’Olio’s line is being dumped by QVC.

The more mature fans of Dell’Olio’s classy tailored clothes don’t like the fact that QVC had made Mizrahi its new design darling, and a lot of viewers — The Homeshoppingista included — have been less than impressed with Mizrahi’s new collection.

But QVC, after angry letters and phone calls, has asked to talk to Dell’Olio about the future of his line, so there may be hope for him yet at the home shopping network.

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