QVC Is Dumping Fashion Designer Louis Dell’Olio’s Line, And His ‘Linea Ladies’ Are Irate

Award-winning fashion designer Louis Dell’Olio just celebrated the 10th anniversary of his Linea line for QVC. And apparently it’s his last anniversary there, since QVC is dropping his collection, which has his fans furious with the home shopping network.

On his blog Monday, Dell’Olio gave his QVC fans the bad news.

“As of this writing, QVC has informed me that there are no new Linea products or reorders planned for Fall 2010,” Dell’Olio blogged. “It saddens me to tell you this, but I will never lie to my loyal customers whom I consider my friends. I will continue to connect with all of you and keep you informed of my upcoming shows. I can’t believe I have completed 10 very successful years on QVC. During this time it has been my extreme pleasure to get to know all of you……….with much LOVE……..Louis.”

News that Dell ‘Olio was being dumped by QVC set the network’s online forums on fire. Irate viewers have rallied to try to keep him on the air, even setting up a Twitter address for the fight.

“All of us are heartsick at the decision by QVC to discontinue the Linea line, effective this fall, when there will be no new items or reorders offered by QVC for the Linea by Louis Dell’Olio line,” one “Linea Lady” wrote on QVC’s fashion forum. “Let’s keep that thread going and growing, so that the corporate types can be informed of our anger and sadness and how much we admire the Linea line and Louis Dell’Olio.”

She outlined the plan of action to save Dell’Olio.

“We also need to start an ‘action’ thread, and a ‘brigade’ similar to the wonderful grassroots effort started by the ‘sisters of the measurement brigade’ whose valiant fight against the Q decision to stop giving measurements on clothing led to QVC finally relenting, admitting they were wrong, and now providing very detailed measurements,” she wrote.

She went on, “Let the action begin by the Linea Ladies brigade. We now have a Twitter site…We also have a private e-mail address, for those who want to communicate about actions to support Louis/Linea but might not want to post on a public bulletin board. We will be posting further contact information and ways to support Louis.”

Another QVC poster wrote, “It would also be a good idea for those of us who have had e-mail contacts with other fashion hosts in the past to e-mail them and relate your disappointment/anger or whatever about the Q decision on Linea. It could help if the hosts who do fashion shows and have probably worked with him hear from us directly. They could then bring up the customer outrage in meetings with Q ‘powers that be.'”

Dell’Olio’s credentials are impeccable. In 1973, he joined Anne Klein with his friend and former classmate, Donna Karan. When Klein died in 1974, Dell’Olio and Karan took over the company’s helm for 10 years, winning three Coty awards, the equivalent of the Oscar for fashion. When Karan left Anne Klein, Dell’Olio stayed on as vice president of design.

On Monday Dell’Olio’s QVC fans were also voiced their anger directly on his blog.

“I, too, am speechless at this terrible news,” wrote one woman. “I feel like there has been a death in the family. As soon as I regain my composure, I will be calling Mike George, the president of QVC, to demand this stupid decision be reversed. I will also be writing a “snail mail” letter to him and to the corporate owners of QVC (John Malone/ Liberty Media) and will be posting contact information on the Q fashion forum for fellow Linea Ladies to do the same.”

Another poster told Dell’Olio simply, “I am stunned. Louis, if you are not allowed to bring us new designs and reorder the items we love but weren’t fortunate enough to order before they sold out, I will be heartbroken. You truly are the bright light in QVC fashion. You exemplify the Q in QVC. Rest assured, if you have to take your line to a different shopping venue, I will follow. And I will bring all of my business with me. Without you, there is no Q in QVC. Please keep us apprised of the status of your line at the Q. I am totally distraught at this news!”

We have contacted QVC, but haven’t heard back from its PR folks yet. Maybe it’s all a misunderstanding.


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37 Responses to “QVC Is Dumping Fashion Designer Louis Dell’Olio’s Line, And His ‘Linea Ladies’ Are Irate”

  1. StefF Says:

    i am familiar with his line, however, have not ordered any of his products. I do think that shopping channels are weeding out those who appeal to the older set and are trying to garner and keep the younger viewers who have a different fashion sense. I must say that is why i like Bob Mackie; he designs with the “mature” woman in mind; his designs give us shape…hope they never remove him from QVC lineup. Home shopping networks really dont have a very good reputation, any of them, but yet, we all watch them dont we? I think we can look for further cuts from lineups… be replaced by cheaper, younger styles, with a lot more gabbing by the hosts and hostesses…..really they are awful, all of them. Again, thats why Charla was so refreshing…..dammit, ireally do miss her style and abilities

  2. Nora Dennis Says:


    Write to the President of QVC – I did this morning. Louis is a marvelous designer – we need him on the Q. Read the blogs on the Q. We have only just begun – if the Q ignores us – we all leave with Louis. In my case that adds up to some money after 20 plus years. I have always loved the Q, but taking Louis off is cheapening a very good venue. The “new” designer that the Q is devoting so much time and money on does not compare to Louis.

    I love the Q and I love Louis. I hope I do not have to give up the both of them.

    Ladies, let’s show the world how much Louis means to us. God willing, we will win this fight!!!!!!!!

  3. Barbara Says:

    I agree that the Q is weeding out the older market. Can’t believe that they are dropping this line for these new really weird lines of clothing. Been a loyal Q customer, maybe it is time to move on.

  4. Susan Gleason Says:

    They can bring in new designers without weeding out the older good ones. We older customers are not fickle, we are loyal. And we are the ones with the disposable income.

  5. voodoo Says:

    This will not turn out well for QVC. The wind has changed in this country and we are in a return to elegance. Loyalty is not to be replaced with fad. If Q can see this before its too late that would be a smart move. The buck stops here,literlly. When Linea line goes my money goes with it. Are we in a race to the bottom in clothing lines for ever cheaper inports? Not this shopper.

  6. Linda Carroll-King Says:

    The Q knows that their audience, for the most part, is the mature customer. We baby boomers have more disposable income to buy from them. I cannot believe that the Q would not continue with Louis Dell Olio’s line. His clothing is NOT for the mature set, it is for the woman who was to dress in classic, elegant style. I have been doing this since I was in my 20’s. Every time I wear his clothing, I get so many compliments from both women and men. It is a true testament to Louis how much his fans love his designs and will go to the extreme to fight for him.

  7. bocat Says:

    I have been buying and wearing clothing from the Linea line for almost all of the 10 years it has been presented on QVC. I will do what I can to make my voice heard about this. QVC has ignored its customers complaints to much lately and I hope they smarten up and realize without us they are nothing.

  8. MaryMD Says:

    Linea by Louis Dell’Olio is the best of QVC, the very representation of Quality and Value!!! Without the Linea, there is no QVC!!!!!!!

  9. kaplan206 Says:

    Linea and Mr. Louis are near and dear to so many of us and we will not go quietly into the good night. Not without a big fight, that is.

    If Linea truly leave, then QVC might as well change its name to VC because the “Quality” will be gone from its company.

    I will follow Mr. Louis wherever he is producing his quality clothes.

  10. Michelle Gross Says:

    I am appalled that the clothing line, Linea by Louis Del’Olio is being dropped. His designing style and talent is amazing and makes each and every one of his followers feel like a million bucks when wearing one of his pieces.
    From the designs to the quality to the actual value of each and every one of his garments, it will not only be a regretted loss for his many admireres but, for QVC as well.
    My only question is why did you bring in Isaac Mizzrahi only to swap out Louis Del’Olio? The two do not even compare!!!

  11. Emereld2 Says:

    I don’t think it’s that QVC is trying to move to younger, trendier fashions; they are simply moving to poorly made clothes made from the cheapest fabrics they can find. They have eliminated most of their natural fiber articles of clothing, replacing them with poly/spandex blends (much like one would expect to find at a “Mart” store). Louis specializes in classic pieces; QVC seems to be moving to all throw-aways – cheap items meant to be worn a few times, then discarded. I am grateful for the advance notice so that I can pick up the Linea pieces as soon as they are available. I will also follow Louis to another channel, if that is what he chooses to do.

  12. jrow Says:

    I am in agreement with Michelle Gross in regard to the swap between Louis and Isaac Mizzrahi. I have watched Isaac’s show, and he is entertaining, but I haven’t seen anything that appeals to me. I have been watching Louis for 10 years, and almost everything appeals to me. I have a closet full of his clothes. They are impeccably made, and designed beautifully. QVC has taken a dive where quality is concerned. It used to be that once you knew you size on QVC, everything would fit once you got it home. Now, it’s hit or miss, but mostly miss. The only thing I feel safe ordering anymore is jewelry from designers I am already familiar with, because fit isn’t an issue with jewelry. It’s really sad. My Mom got me started with QVC 13 years ago, God rest her soul. I bought constantly, but now, not so much. They’ve really gone down the tubes, and dumping Linea is proof of that. If you ask me, they’ve dropped the Q and the C because the quality and fit are now questionable, so I have to send a lot back which is very inconvenient and costly.

    If Linea goes, the only thing I will buy anymore will be designer sterling jewelry. And, if they go, so do I. There will be nothing else left for me to buy.

  13. Rosemary Bennett Says:

    I was under the impression the Q in QVC stood for quality. I’ve been a customer from the very beginning and have watched, sadly, QVC decline. This is the last straw if Louis’ Linea is discontinued. He is a true fashion designer, classic, beautiful, quality, AGELESS garments. Who is making these STUPID decisions? Isaac M and the like absolutely can not compare to Louis’ Linea line.

  14. Tristan111 Says:

    QVC’s attempt to drop Louis Dellolio and disregard loyal customers wishes is one depressing sign of the times. If you want quality in a shoddy world, you certainly won’t find it at QVC if they let Louis go.

  15. Valerie Guaraglia Says:

    I cannot believe that QVC is cancelling Louis Del’Olio’s line of clothes. Talk about quality. Yes, his designs are not for teenagers but can’t we have both. I have so many of his things and now am sorry that I hesitated on others. Is this final? I hope not.This is very sad.

  16. Melissa Beavers Says:

    Wake up QVC—the younger generation will never shop on the Q. I have
    been shopping with QVC, before they were QVC. I have two daughters,
    30 & 31, and they can’t stand the clothing on the Q. If they shop online
    at all, it is with the “popular” web sites. I will bet there are other
    women with daughters who feel the same. Please reconsider your
    decision…I feel you would be making a horrid mistake. Please keep
    our designer that still has his integrity!

  17. Jeannine Harkins Says:

    The Linea line is not for every day dressing, but when you need that special outfit for weddings, etc. this is where I go. It saves me time in the mall. It also has great carreer girl suits. Don’t shop “Q” will be watched less and less at the rate they are going. That Issacc M came from Target.

  18. Randee Wasiuta Says:

    Interesting post. Appreciate your sharing

  19. june trumpower Says:

    linea is my favorite line at qvc, if they no longer will carry mr. dell olios fashions, I wont nedd qvc’s services

  20. Elisa Says:

    Seriously, that really makes me angry, he has fabulous clothes at great price points and has years in the business. Now I am going to be left with this designers who make cheap clothing. Won’t be spending my money on that junk! If they are smart they will keep Louis, he is a fashion icon!!!!!!!!!
    Bad business QVC, listen to your viewers who keep you alive!

  21. betty ann macaluso Says:

    I am so disappointed that a true designer like Louis has been dropped, while we continue see lesser quality continue to exist. I look forward each season to seeing his elegant and well-crafted designs. He is one of several that I will purchase from….no others. Please reconsider.

  22. Bobi King Says:

    I say good riddance to QVC. Unless you are an overweight house frau you probably don’t need QVC anyway! Designers like Louis Dell’Olio who actually make clothing that FIT and flatter a feminine figure don’t belong on QVC! He will find a shopping channel that actually appreciates talent. And many of his shapely fans will follow him. I gave up on QVC finally after paying a fortune in return shipping fees for clothing that didn’t fit because I either consulted the online sizing charts (What a joke!) or a CSR whose advice was incorrect OR the “Q”uality?????? was nowhere to be found.
    That in turn takes care of both the “V”alue??????? since I spent tons of money for nothing but return shipping and the “C”onvenience??????? since I was doing nothing but shipping things back. Kudos to Mr. Dell’Olio. He deserves MUCH BETTER! AND SO DO WE!!!

  23. Danielle Duverglas Says:

    I am in total shock that Louis is gone. I wondered why haven’t seen him in a while. There are quite a few designers that are top shelf on QVC, George Simonton and Marc Bower but Louis is in a class of his own. The fit of his clothing is just the best. I hope Q reconsiders this move or else I may have to consider spending my money elsewhere and I am a huge supporter of QVC

  24. leelee Says:

    Dell’Olio is a fashion icon for a reason, perhaps the q should rethink this decision- his fashions sold didn’t they? Well……

  25. Dorothy Howley Says:

    Just cant believe you would stop doing business with such a popular designer, I adored his clothes.

  26. Mona Chipman Says:

    I’ve noticed that the shows for Louis are getting fewer and run at weird hours …
    Whats up with that QVC?

  27. Shirley Woody Says:

    My apprecciation of the Linea line is high, and goes along with my regard for those of Liz Claiborne and Bob Mackie, Linda Dano, and many other quality vendors. They know who they are and serve unique portions of the QVC market, which also knows who it is. I have no idea who the QVC market is totally, but a lot of the product offering doesn’t suit my taste. I wonder if the Jersey Shore show crowd supports some of the lines . . .
    George Simonton is very good, and I have enjoyed some Joan Rivers pieces, too. I like some Susan Graver products I have purchased, but my selections are carefully made and a few returns have been necessary. Mrs. Graver works very hard to serve her market and does some lovely work but I bet the market doesn’t appreciate her as much as the Linea market does his work, and would leave her without any sense of sadness when some fad seduces it.
    I have noticed an escalation of the sound levels, which fortunately I can diminsh with my clicker. Does yelling sell anything? Some of the hosts come from used car sales?
    The wide variety of shopping opportunies is good – jewelry, linens, cosmetics, electronics – and I have ceased mall shopping. Does the QVC brass see what has happened to the malls? Is that what they want, where they’re going? The convenience in the “QVC” has to be matched with Quality and Value. I had thought the corporation had more regard for its customers varied tastes. Will the Quackers
    get dumped as well?

  28. Diane Olans Says:

    Bad idea to drop this line, His clothes were classy and material was high quality. I will not buy anymore clothes from QVC for this move

  29. Debra Mitchell Says:

    I purchase a lot of clothes on QVC and I will be very sorry to see the Linea line discontinued. Seriously, have the powers that be lost their minds???? The quality and style of the clothes by Louis are some of the best clothes I have ever purchased, regardless of the price. I appreciate being able to buy his clothes on QVC and not have to pay a fortune. The fabrics he uses are top-notch and the fit is excellent. Are we now supposed to be satisfied with all the poly-knits that are offered by far too many designers? Really??? Enough with the milky knit, lustre knit, butter knit and any other kind of poly knit. They are all basically the same. They serve their purpose but it is so nice to have other “quality” choices in fabrics and design. There are other designers on QVC that I also appreciate, but Louis del Olio is my favorite.

  30. Loretta Gene Taylor Says:

    A sad letter I’m sorry to see that the he is no longer on the QVC Network he will be sorely missed. And I’m hoping that it’s all a mistake and you’ll be back for the fall.

  31. karl Says:

    He’s still there, isn’t he?c

  32. jacquelyn Hodge-gordon Says:

    Great disigner bring him back to QVC a bit over priced but I would still purchase because he makes an awesome product!

  33. L. Wolfson Says:

    Love love love Del Oleo line. It is quality. Much of what u sell is cheap and junky clothing. If he goes to another station I will follow.

  34. Marie Says:

    His line is the only classy line that fits beautifully and is truly fashionable. I agree with another customer,you will never draw the younger population. Stick with what works. I have been a customer since the inception of QVC and the only line I have never returned is his. Smarten up QVC.

  35. Sonia H Says:

    Angry to learn Louis is leaving QVC. Seems the designer’s producing elegant ladies clothes has no place on QVC. I still miss the Liz Claiborne line. But I’m not in the 25 – 35 target buyer. It’s all about the money!!!

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