‘Jerseylicious’ Nets Lousy Ratings, As One Viewer Proclaims ‘We’ve Had Enough of New Jersey’

We are more interested in Gatsby owner Gayle Giacomo, right, than Tracy DiMarco, left.

Well, for awhile there New Jersey, and its loud shoot-from-the-hip residents, seemed to have captured the loving attention of American TV viewers. But the audience has spoken now, and it’s apparently had enough.

The numbers are in for “Jerseylicious,” and they are not good. We knew something was up when Style Network didn’t put out a ratings press release Monday about the show’s premiere Sunday night.

“Jerseylicious,” which chronicles the lives of the owners and stylists at the Gatsby Salon in Green Brook, N.J., had only 320,000 total viewers for its debut. The show posted a 0.42 rating with women in the 18-to-34 demographic.

It pains us to see this, since were like the cast members of the show and were rooting for it.

But it looks like America is sick and tired of seeing fatmouthed, overdressed Jerseyites. Audiences bought into Garden-State shows such as Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” (a fav of ours) and MTV’s “Jersey Shore” (which we detested). But that ship has sailed.

We wish “Jerseylicous” had kicked off focusing on the story Gayle Giacomo and her daughter Christy Pereira, both of Bridgewater, who have re-launched their 32-year-old beauty salon and want to make it a big success. They are both smart, gracious women.

Instead, it seems to us that producer Endemol TV decided to concentrate on the battle between makeup artist Olivia Blois Sharpe, of Montville, who looks just like Snooki of “Jersey Shore,” and hair stylist Tracy DiMarco of East Hanover. At least, that’s what the first episode was abouit. That just makes “Jerseylicious” seem like a lot of other Jersey reality shows.

We know Style is trying to draw in younger women by concentrating on Olivia and Tracy, but we frankly are more interested in pretty Gayle (she in her 50s, our demo).

Anyway, even before the ratings came out, we suspected the show might be in trouble when we read a post on the story we did for NewJerseyNewsroom.com on the “Jerseylicious” premiere party.

“I personally enjoyed ‘Jersey Shore.’, but I think bringing on this show is pushing it!” wrote Nikki Dolce, a hair stylist from Scottsdale (our favorite place in the world). “We’ve had enough of New Jersey!”

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7 Responses to “‘Jerseylicious’ Nets Lousy Ratings, As One Viewer Proclaims ‘We’ve Had Enough of New Jersey’”

  1. Karen Says:

    There wasn’t much advertising for the show. Or at least I didn’t see any.

    • Anitra Says:

      I KNOW!!! I LOVE this show… I couldn’t care less for Jersey Shore and I love this more than I love New Housewives of Jersey…. There wasn’t hardly any advertising for it..

  2. jenna Says:

    pee pee poopie poop

  3. Deb Says:

    I too did not see much advertisement on this show and personally “I LOVE IT”. I accidently ran across the show while channel surfing. I love the Housewives of New Jersey and find this show interesting into the New Jersey world. I sure hope this show gets the publicity it deserves and maybe it will do better in the ratings!!

  4. Analia Says:

    Personally, I think this show is extremely entertaining. I had heard about it a couple months ago and was kind of annoyed that there was yet another Jersey type show that was to be aired. I didn’t start watching it until about 3 weeks ago and was immediately hooked! I really fell in love with Olivia and I can’t wait to see what snooty remarks the “Glam Fairy” has to say. I do think the show is too centered around the drama that Tracy creates. She enjoys the being the center of attention but unfortunately for her, everything that comes out of her mouth is of bad taste and will ruin her reputation in the long run. I say keep the show and if rating still seem to plummet ….. ViVa La InteRneT!!!!

  5. Latoya Says:

    I enjoy Jerseylicious and the second season too. However, I can’t stand behemoth Doria who is so jealous of Olivia. I feel sorry for Olivia because she seems to always get picked on… Gayle, should watch the episodes more to see how Doria talks down to her.. As for Doria, who is she to consider herself someone to “Mother” Olivia, Olivia is an adult. My opinion of Doria is that she is envious of Olivia and is trying to press her every button on purpose.. Doria you behemoth grow up-Team Gatsby that!!!!!!!!

  6. Misti Says:

    I absolutely love Jerseylicious! I saw it advertised alot actually, So I couldn’t wait to check it out. I fell in love with it & so did my 14yr old daughter & also her dad lol. The only thing I hate about it is that nasty, trashy looking, jealous, foul mouthed Tracy! Olivia, I love you! Do your thing & dont let any jealous girls keep you down, you go girl! I cant wait for more of this show. I got it on free preview cause apparently I wasn’t subscribed to that channel with my satellite provider & so because of this show I had to add a huge expensive package to my satellite bill but its so worth it haha. Keep’em coming. I love Jersey & all the wild & crazy people there!

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