‘Jerseylicious’ Met Up With Tyra Banks Friday

Not Snooki, but Jerseylicious Olivia Blois Sharpe

While we were at the gym this afternoon, we caught the cast of “Jerseylicious” on Tyra Banks’ show.

Even though Banks had to get in her cheap shots at their Jersey accents, we thought the cast of the new Style Network show came of pretty well.

We didn’t have a pen and pad with us on the elliptical machine, so we have to do this from memory and paraphrase. Makeup artist Olivia Boise Sharpe, who is already being billed as the new “Snooki” because of her deep tan and long dark hair, set the record straight by saying she’s been sporting the “Jersey Shore” look for at least three years. The inference is that the randy “Jersey Shore” peanut stole Sharpe’s look.

When Banks waxed on about the nation’s sudden fascination with Jersey, Sharpe and her nemeis on the reality show, Stacy DiMarco, talked up the fact that Jerseyites are blunt and bold. If we don’t like you, the “Jerseylicious” cast members said, we won’t talk behind your back. We’ll tell you right to your face. (We’re beginning to understand why the rest of the country hates us now).

The “Jerseylicious” crew — who work at the Gatsby Salon in Green Brook, N.J., where the reality show is set — then offered hair and makeup advice to members of Banks’ audience, which seemed to be 99 percent Garden State residents.

Finally, the “Jerseylicious” cast did a makeover of three plain-Jane women from Delaware, we think it was. after the Gatsby Salon got done with them, the trio came up looking hot in super-short dresses, mile-high spike heels, smokey eyes and teased hair. They looked pretty good.

“Jerseylicious” debuts Sunday at 10 p.m., and we’re planning to attend the show’s premiere party that same night in Hoboken.

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4 Responses to “‘Jerseylicious’ Met Up With Tyra Banks Friday”

  1. sue Says:

    i went to school with olivia blois 3 years she did not look like she looked like lol she was pale and blonde hair/.. iits so sad she makeds her self look guidette she tries so hard!! You can ask any girl who graduated in 2005 from montville high she was a loser that tried so hard to be guido!

  2. mary Says:

    first of all Olivia doesn’t try to be guido, SHE IS GUDIO. and secondly how is she “sad”, i’m pretty sure your just jealous that she is successful now and your still doing the same sh*t as you were before you even finished high school. Oh and by the way people change after high school, it is really out or the ordinary for people to look the same as they did in high school. I’m sure Jennifer Lopez didn’t look the same when she was in high school, so whats the big deal SUE?

  3. CJ Says:

    TEAM OLIVIA: We love you Olivia and you keep your head up high…Learn to ignore Tracy and her blatant jealousy of you and move on from the Gatsby as Gail does not have your best interest at heart. No employer would allow someone like Tracy to blatantly attack you verbally in the presence of other employees and customers alike. She is using you and your ideals for the benefit of her shop. With your personality you could work anywhere and be successful at what you do. I wish you all the luck in your endeavors and if you really want to get under Tracy’s skin continue to succeed and MOVE ON TO BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS.

  4. Lisa Says:

    I was one of those Delaware girls who got their makeover and I’ve been trying to find the show that me and my 2 friends were on and it was taken off of YouTube help!

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