QVC Host Lisa Robertson And Bare Escentuals Leslie Blodgett: Why Share A Hotel Room In L.A.?

We know money is tight all over, but we heard QVC host Lisa Robertson say last night that she was sharing a hotel room with Leslie Blodgett, the female mogul behind the Bare Escentuals cosmetics line, when they are in L.A. later this week to do Oscar-related shows in Tinseltown.

What? Why? Even at my old penny-pinching job, we never had to share a hotel room with a colleague when we traveled to cover a trade show. BFF or not, we want our own room.

And Blodgett just sold her company to Shiseido for $1.7 billion. She can afford her own room, too.

QVC is shooting its pre-Oscar shows at the ritzy Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills (we’ve stayed there, done that).

Here’s QVC’s descrption of part of its Oscar-related programming from the Left Coast later this week.

“It’s time to get red carpet-ready as we take you to L.A. the week of the big awards for The Buzz on the Red Carpet, live from our star-studded party at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

We’ll be joined by celebrities, designers, stylists and some of Tinseltown’s most popular names in fashion, beauty, accessories and jewelry as they share their favorite red carpet tales and their celebrity-tested secrets for looking great in the spotlight and out. Let QVC bring the excitement and glamour of Hollywood’s biggest week of the year into your home during The Buzz on the Red Carpet, live from L.A.”

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7 Responses to “QVC Host Lisa Robertson And Bare Escentuals Leslie Blodgett: Why Share A Hotel Room In L.A.?”

  1. Becca Says:

    The room she is referring too must be a 2 or 3 bedroom suite-where you have your usual separate rooms and baths, common dining, living and bar or spa in the center of the room-you know-A HOTEL SUITE?

  2. bus Says:

    there are suites that are huge 2 or 3 bedrooms all on the bare ess. dime. or QVC dime, please when we share a room its usually 1 room with 2 beds LoL….. I doubt it was like that, what u think they shared the same bathroom too??

  3. bus Says:

    thy probably fought over the remote control LoL

  4. april Says:

    Lisa Robertson & Leslie Blogett are BFF! This isn’t unusal as they live across the country from each other. This gives them a way to ‘catch-up’.

  5. Charity Says:

    I think it sounds like fun! I agree…I can imagine the “room” that these two would be sharing~

  6. Linda Says:

    Dear Lisa,

    Hi, my name is Linda Stamper and I love BE Faux Tan. I have a question…do I keep applying it or do I take the old one off with my clarisonic. After awhile it starts looking yucky and I don’t know if I just put more on or take off the old on. Please answer.

  7. MCH Says:

    I do think they are both gay for each other. They make a cute couple.

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