Ex-ShopNBC Host Charla Rines, Tell Us What You’re Up To, Your Loyal And Irate Fans Want To Know

Charla Rines, your fans are pissed at ShopNBC

We wish we had heard the same kind of outcry and outrage when we got canned a year ago that Charla Rines has received from fans since ShopNBC let her go.

Our blog on Rhines’s unceremonious exit in January has received 33 comments so far. And they are still coming.

The posts are are from angry ShopNBC customers who say the loved Charla and her brassy humor. They are complaining that the No. 3 home shopping channel, under the leadership of ex-QVC exec Keith Stewart, has gone downhill, with pedestrian or shoddy merchandise. They say they have spent thousands of dollars for ShopNBC goods, but that they will no longer be watching the network.

Best of all, these Charla fans wish her well, and predict that she will land at a ShopNBC rival soon.

Wow, Charla must be feeling the love. After we got our pink slip, only about a half dozen people in the cable TV industry reached out to us immediately, including: Ed Carroll, COO of Rainbow Entertainment Services; Henry Schleiff, then head of Hallmark Channel; and Russell Howard of National Geographic Channel.

Did we hear any encouraging words, like Charla? No, we heard, “You’ll never find work in this economy” and “What are going to do?” When we asked PR “friends” if they thought we could do PR, the answer was no, we had no experience pitching stories to editors. No, just 30 years doing it as a reporter.

And in our volunteer PR work, we’ve gotten stories placed just on the strength of the press releases we’ve written, without even having to call and pitch anyone. But we shouldn’t take credit for that. The brave patients that we had interviewed, and their eloquent stories, sold the press releases to editors.

Anyway, we look forward to seeing all you cable folk in May at the cable show.

But back to Charla. People want to know what you’re up to. Contact us here, and we’ll get back to you offline.

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29 Responses to “Ex-ShopNBC Host Charla Rines, Tell Us What You’re Up To, Your Loyal And Irate Fans Want To Know”

  1. Bob Van Hemert Says:

    Miss Ms. Rines teriably and look forward to her return to the TV circuit. Would love to see her have her own television show. Shop NBC has made another blunder on their long list of managerial blunders…..e.g Jay Leno vs. Connan O’Brien.





  3. Nicole Agostini Says:

    Charla – you were awesome and I will miss you greatly. Please post a note if you go to another shopping network – I WILL follow!!! I think you were the best host – full of life and passion for your job. Good luck – you deserve nothing but the best!

  4. Cindy May Says:

    I too miss Charla! She was great to watch, I enjoyed how down to earth she was on shpnbc. I wonder why they let her go? I’d love to see her show up on qvc or hsn.

  5. Tawana B. Says:

    Charla, I don’t know when you left shopnbc; but noticed after a while that something wasn’t right; someone was missing. On easter morning, I decided to do a google search to see why I hadn’t seen you on air. Lo and behold, my worst fear was true. Like other fans, I truly wish you the very best and hope to see you again in the very near future.

  6. Patricia S Says:

    Bye Bye ShopNBC – no Charla – No Trish!

  7. Nicci Says:

    Miss Charla, I have only watched ShopNBC because you were there and when you recommended anything I knew you were truthful and meant it whole heartedly. I do not understand the move they have made, but I do know that GOD will bless you with a better positon and even more people will get a chance to see how special you are. You can change the mood of any viewer as soon as you appear on the screen and ask us,
    ” how are you today are you having a good day?” You made me laugh and giggle and SHOP. I will miss you and hope to see you on one of the other shopping channels. Whichever one you go to I WILL BE THERE!

  8. Pam Says:

    I have been a SHOP NBC customer for years. My first clue that something was up — was when Pamela and Wes McCoy disappeared. I caught Pamela on the air infrequently with her clothing line and now Charla is gone! In my humble opinion – the hosts do not have the “Classy” look that they have had in the past. They were always beautifully dressed, with great hair and makeup. Now they have a very “common” look. Nothing special! The merchandise seems to have taken the same path. I WILL buy Pamela’s clothing but that is it!! So SAD to see a great team of people gone. You don’t know what you had ! But I guarantee you WILL MISS IT and the $$$$ they brought in!!


    It’s always all about the money. Not the performance, the image, the loyal following.
    Charla Rines, Flubbed lines, stuttered phrases, commented on her bad marriage and the dificulty of raising her daughter on her own. She was absolutely unique as a shopping host.
    In her crisp white shirts and jeans, with her spikey hair and big hoop earrings, she projected an effortless chic unlike the other
    NBC staff members. No phony Baloney from Charla. We’ll all miss her.
    Brad in NYC

  10. Debbie Vanderlinde Says:

    Bummer! I just learned Charla is gone from ShopNBC. I watched that channel for 15 yrs, and Charla was hands down my favorite host. Agree with other posts about her honesty and refreshing craziness, especially compared with other hosts. This is just the latest of many blunders by ShopNBC … a shame because they used to be a good channel, but no more. The quality of their merchandise has gone down so far that I can’t watch anymore.

  11. Linda Says:

    ShopNBC has totally changed and not for the good. Can’t watch – have turned to HSN QVC and even JTV for variety. Charla was my absolute favorite and just know she will be great wherever. Hope we will be able to see her again soon – MISS YOU, Charla!

  12. Mary Claude Rolison Says:

    Realizing there’s no Charla on ShopNBC is definitely NOT a good thing! Charla is a main reason I watched and spent mega bucks there. I teach now, so it actually had been a while since I had tuned in to shop, and thought I was just missing her shows. Last night I checked out the host list on ShopNBC.com and her name wasn’t listed. I could NOT believe it! She was the very best host they had! She was the “life of the party”. Good bye, ShopNBC, and good bye to my $$$$’s. What I have seen of the network’s merchandise is nothing special anymore. It used to be my favorite home shopping channel, but I won’t even bother to tune in anymore. BIG MISTAKE for ShopNBC. I know I’m just one of countless people who feel this way.

  13. sesa Says:

    “BOYCOTT” for Carla. We should all stop shop with Shop NBC! They will feel it financially. Beside they never credit your S&H when you return an item. that is stealing our money we work hard for. HSN gives you a complete refund. Don’t Shop at Shop NBC.

    Carla, I know we will all see you soon!

  14. Doris Kirkpatrick Says:

    I do agree, BOYCOTT SHOP NBC. The decision to let Charla as well as the McCoy’s go was a stupid business decision. As far as I am concerned go bankrupt SHOP NBC. No more shopping for me at Shop NBC- thanks for saving me $$$$.
    Charla as well as the McCoys gave this channel class. Charla with her humor was a delight to watch.
    Like to know where Charla is going. Can’t wait to see her soon – some place , any where….Does anyone know where I will be able to purchase Pamela’s collection without going thru Shop NBC?

  15. Karen J. Montillo Says:

    OMG !!! I can’t even watch the network now!! I have been really shocked at the people that were let go. Charla was so funny and seeing her gone has been the last straw for me watching the network. Charla always made me laugh and changed my mood to a more cheerful mood after watching her. So many laughs when I needed them. I miss you Charla. Take Care, hope to see you again soon.

  16. Margaret Says:

    I, too, miss Charla……She was a bright spot, an “individual” in a sea of boring, run of the mill hosts……..I’ve cut my shop NBC time down to .5% of my shopping experience…….
    I’m also getting really, really tired of all the Invicta shows!!
    I guess when you have nothing else, you gotta fill it up with something? Or does Invicta have a $$$$ stake in SNBC…??

  17. Mary Claude Says:

    Invicta does seem to ALWAYS be on. I don’t even watch anymore. ShopNBC was, when Charla was there, a network to turn to even if I had no intention of purchasing something. However, I often did buy while watching! Now, I turn elsewhere…HGTV, Food Network, etc. My checkbook is certainly pleased! I, though, am not. Letting Charla go, changing the quality of merchandise, and becoming a nighttime watch network could possibly put an end to the network entirely. BORING!

  18. Betty Says:

    I always thought ShopNBC was an upscale shopping network.
    Not like the run of the mill HSNs and QVCs.
    Charla is a superstar and ShopNBC’s balance sheet will be in
    the red soon.
    Enough already with the watches.

  19. Lynda Says:

    Miss you Charla. Loved you and the funny purse lady (haven’t seen her either for a long time) Hope all is well and look forward to your return to tv soon. I also do not watch shopnbc any longer since you left. God bless you.

  20. ANCILEE KAYE Says:

    I agree w/ so many of you. I am disgusted w/ SHOPNBC and how they threw away many great people that were absolutely devoted to that company!!!Watching it now gets boring.


  21. Mary Says:

    I could not believe that Charla, Pam, Wes, and Mike had been cut loose from Shopnbc….I have shopped at this station for over 10 years but find I can no longer support them…I will miss my friends and hope to see them on another shopping channel soon…Charla and Pam made me laugh a many afternoons….love you both and miss you terribly. God Bless you all.

  22. Susana Verdejo Says:

    I am very sorry to know Charla is no longer part of ShopNBC. She made my day….. i was constantly laughing. I don’t watch much the station; all they have is watches and I am sick of them; furthermore, the host are boring. I hope to see Charla soon on another shopping channel. I miss you!

  23. Samueletta Humphrey Says:

    I am so sad to learn that Charla is gone. I sent an email to shopnbc inquiring about her absence and was advised that they saw no future shows assigned to her. I had no idea she had been canned. What a mistake. She brought life and fun to any show he hosted. I watched shopnbc just to see her and Pamela McCoy’s fashions. I will continue to watch shopnbc, because I love Pamela McCoy’s fashions.
    I hope Charla is re-instated. If not, I agree that she should have her own TV show. I really miss her.

  24. sunshine Says:

    I love Charla,Shop NBC has lost their best asset its all rubish now down they go. Bye I am taking my creidit cards elsewhere.


  25. donna piscitello Says:

    what is wrong with my info??

    • donna piscitello Says:

      I wish Charla the best job on one of the most successful shopping networks. She can give Shopnbc a run for their money!!!

  26. judy williams Says:

    I absolutely despise shop nbc and the products they sell, mostly watches and whats up with that stuff that marge sells? I left shop nbc a few years ago as I had purchased a TV for over two grand, a computer and a hand bag for over a thousand dollars. I returned a few smaller purchases like a wallet and they sent me a letter stating that they were not happy with me returning items and they would have to have to I forget their exact words but like I would not be able to shop or limit my shopping. I wrote them back and told them don’t bother I will never shop with them again and I haven’t but when I learned that Charla was no longer there I definitely do not regret my decision. I am happy with hsn and qvc and they have no problems with returns. Buying things sight unseen sometimes you have to return but shopnbc did not seem to understand this,

  27. Rosita Gonzaga Krenn Says:

    The only reason I love to watch shopnbc is because I immensely enjoy Charla. With her there is never a dull moment plus the fact that she is very honest, thoughtful about every product she sells. Shopnbc you didn’t know how much you lost, I think by now you have realized that huge mistake !!!

  28. Evadonia Patterson Says:

    Charla you were my favorite host and you told it like it was and that was what sold a lot of items to me I mis your directness and your humor there will never be another you love and miss you E Patterson smooches

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