We Guess Imitation Equals Flattery, With ShopNBC Doing Its Take On HSN’s Huggable Hangers

Call us crazy, but isn’t ShopNBC’s Top Value Tuesday, the “Hold Tru Velvet-Flocked Universal Hangers,” a dead ringer for HSN’s Huggable Hangers from Joy Mangano?

Don’t laugh at those Huggable Hangers. We swear by them, and 257 million of them have been sold.

Here’s what ShopNBC said about its version with 100 pieces:

“Our first hanger set Our Top Value, Hold Tru hangers will help you streamline your closet and make the most of your space! Each hanger features a slimline design, velvety flocked finish, and integrated nesting hook for vertical cascading. This 100-piece set has everything you need to keep your clothes hanging neatly while freeing up additional space. At only $0.57 a hanger, don’t miss out on this great value!”

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