Startup Citizen Stock Has A Lot Of Balls In The Air, Including One With Our Nephew Evan

Our nephew Evan had a ball at Citizen Stock

A few months ago we trekked — with our sister, niece and nephew — to the Noho studio of our friends Sherrie Nickol and her husband David Katzenstein, who are world-class professional photographers. We know Sherrie from Crain’s New York Business.

They are launching a stock photo company, Citizen Stock. Last year they took photos of 1,000 people for this project, and we just got the photos for Evan.

We got Syndey’s a while back. Isn’t this shot of Evan, with the ball seemingly floating above his hand, amazing?

David tried to get it again, but he couldn’t. But this one came out great.

Our niece Sydney is pretty in blue, captured by Citizen Stock

David and Sherrie still need people to photograph for Citizen Stock. You get two free JPEGS from the deal from two extremely talented photographers, and if your photos are purchased for use, you get a royalty. There is even a makeup-and-hair person on-site to make you look pretty. A pretty good deal, all in all.

Here is the link to set up an appointment with Sherrie and David.

And here are nephew Evan and our niece Sydney, our two godchildren, as photographed for Citizen Stock.

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