ShopNBC Surpasses Record 1 Million Customers

ShopNBC has hit a new benchmark, surpassingd a record 1 million customers, the largest customer count in its 19-year history, the home shopping network said Thursday.

A diversified merchandise mix, lower price points, and an improved customer experience drove strong growth in new and active customers for ShopNBC in fiscal 2009, the company claimed.

Year to date, the company expects its total customer base to be up about 33 percent versus last year. While adding over 250,000 customers in the last 12 months, the company also achieved major operational efficiencies in order capture, customer service, and fulfillment, which lowered transactional costs by about 20 per cent per unit in Q4 vs. the prior-year quarter.

ShopNBC also continued to increase its overall Internet sales penetration, which is expected to be about 38 per cent in the fourth quarter.

“Reaching this milestone of over 1 million loyal customers is a proud and exciting moment for all of us at the company,” ShopNBC president and CEO Keith Stewart said in a prepared statement. “It’s all about connecting with the customer, and delivering a premium, customer-focused shopping experience that fosters interactive engagement and builds community. As we continue to build on our momentum, we are excited about harnessing our potential within an innovative future.”

Want to see the slide presentation that Stewart will present at the ICR Xchange Conference in sunny California today, Thursday?

Well, the No. 3 home shopping network filed an 8-K with the SEC that includes the slides. Here is the link to the presentation.

Here are some of the slides.

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