QVC Is Now The New Source For That Rubber S&M Mask You Were Looking To Buy

Is the home shopping network that won’t allow its host to say the word “orgasm” now selling what looks like a rubber S&M mask?

One again, a sharp poster on QVC’s online forum, SpeedyG, put up a thread titled “New equipment for hosts.” She cited the number F10828, and then said, “This item just struck me as funny given all our chatter and varying opinions about the hosts…I hope this doesn’t offend anyone.”

Of course, we had to look and see what she was talking about, and it was a waterproof/windproof neoprene cold weather mask. The poster, we think, was referring to the mask as a way to muzzle chatty hosts. But our dirty minds saw it as an item you would find in many sex shops in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, or Greenwich Village.

It had come in two colors, black and orange, but the orange sold out. It’s only $20.

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