HSN Jewelry Designer Carol Brodie Pens ‘Frequent Flier’ Column In New York Times

Carol Brodie, Designer and New York Times Writer

HSN jewelry designer Carol Brodie got a nice plug in Tuesday’s New York Times, in its “Frequent Flier” column in the business section.

The headline reads “Using Her Wares to Ease the Irritations of Travel,” and it’s Brodie’s story as told to a New York Times reporter.

Brodie, who does a fine jewelry line called “Rarities” for HSN, talks about her frequent trips to Tampa, Fla., to do her HSN shows.

The attractive blonde, who used to work for high-end jewelry house Harry Winston, in The Times talks about having to lug around heavy bags filled with her jewelry.

Brodie said she sometimes gives away her jewelry pieces to people she meets while she’s traveling, and then related an anecdote about one woman who stuck in her mind.

During a flight, Brodie said she took out some of her jewelry samples. Brodie was sitting next to a woman, who was drinking, who was with her granddaughter.

You can read The Times for all the details, but the grandmother started weeping, and literally told a sob story that Brodie thought was legit.

Bottom is Brodie's Butterfly Bracelet

In the column Brodie said that she dug in her purse and found a bracelet, “with a butterfly shape design,” and gave it to her seatmate. Our guess is that it was a dainty piece from HSN.

Brodie also unabashedly says that she wears her own Rarities jewelry “to show off my brand.”

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2 Responses to “HSN Jewelry Designer Carol Brodie Pens ‘Frequent Flier’ Column In New York Times”


    Dear Linda,

    Thank you for bringing my NY Times article to the attention of your readers. I often give away my jewelry to people who have moved me in some fashion. It is usually presented as a total surprise to women whom I have met and who touch my heart. I believe that jewelry is a token of affection and a talisman. Whether self-purchased or given as a gift, jewelry represents a thought, statment, moment, memory or experience. Rarities is all about sharing my experiences with jewelry connoisseurs and connecting with my amazing HSN customers through shared memories and thoughts.

    I hope to meet you personally one day and I am most appreciative of your kind support.

    Warmest personal regards for a sparkling New Year.

    Carol Brodie, Rarities Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      You obviously have a kind heart, to be giving your jewelry to people who move you. I feel the same way about jewelry as you do — it is not just an object. It has emotional meaning, and I do believe that gemstones have power, as New Age-crazy as that may seem.
      Your HSN line is gorgeous. Keep up the good work.

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