Beverly Hills Jewelry Designer Victoria Wieck Brings Unique Peacock-Feather Watch Bangle, With Drusy, To HSN As Today’s Special

We know we’ve done several “chick” blogs in a row, but we can’t help ourselves. Beverly Hills jewelry designer Victoria Wieck has a neat watch that’s HSN’s Today’s Special for Monday.

It’s a peacock feather bangle-style bracelet that incorporates a drusy stone — nature’s pave — as the “eye” of the feather, surrounded by Absolute stones to create the rest.

We’ve never seen anything quite like it. And this piece, which has the watch dial hidden, is only $60. It comes in sterling silver or gold vermeil.

You could buy the entire ensemble, cause there are matching earrings, a ring and there was a pendant, although they don’t use the drusy.


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3 Responses to “Beverly Hills Jewelry Designer Victoria Wieck Brings Unique Peacock-Feather Watch Bangle, With Drusy, To HSN As Today’s Special”

  1. Dulce Gingras Says:

    Fantastic article post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

  2. Jack Says:

    I have been hunting for weeks for any avenue/means by which to obtain the silver tone Victoria Wieck Peacock Feather bangle watch. HSN is out and has no information as to if there’ll be any more available. There is no wait list and I’ve exhausted every link & idea for contacting anyone who might tell me how, where or who to contact to find out how to purchase one for my mother. I bought her the ring and pendant and the stink of it is she needs a watch. My father passed away and the watch he bought for her, the last thing he got to give her, was stolen. They also loved Peacocks and visited a Peacock farm together, so it would be the perfect gift. Is there any specific information you could give or a direction you might point me in? – Other than EBay and just fishing deeper and deeper into internet haystacks for the proverbial needle.

  3. trisha Says:

    I have one of your items and having a proble, will you help?

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