Do Married Handbag Designers Bruce Makowsky and Kathy Van Zeeland Have Naughty Photos Of QVC CEO Mike George? Why Else Would They Be On The Home Shopping Network Almost 24/7?

QVC CEO Mike George

Is there a handbag overload at QVC, from the married designer duo of Bruce Makowsky and Kathy Van Zeeland?

That’s what some posters to the network’s forums are griping about, and doggone it, we have to agree about this bag blitz.

Makowsky and Van Zeeland have separate, and very different, handbag lines on QVC.

And recently everytime we turn on the No. 1 home shopping channel we see either Makowsky, with his upscale pricey leather bags, or his pretty wife Van Zeeland, with her inexpensive faux leather, overly ornate purses. Sorry, we like our bling, but she just goes overboard, to the point of gaudy.

On the thread “Not Another Overpriced Handbag”, there were plenty of complaints about the Today’s Special Value, which is a $190 glove leather satchel from the B. Makowsky line.

“I am sick and tired of all the handbags/purses the Q is pushing,” poster Kpal wrote, “Has the Q heard of inflation and recession? Sure we all are going to pay a nearly $300.00 in a couple of colors.”

Poster February agreed with her, “kpal, although I really like handbags alot, I think they have been showing wayyyyyy too many lately~ like you said it’s hard to avoid B. Maks or Kathy VanZ etc.”

And here’s one final shot from BKHLIH.

“Totally agree about the overkill in purse TSV’s, but where are the other brands–stone mt, maxx ny, etc as TSV’s?? It’s either KVZ or B Makowsky…they must have a heck of contract with QVC,” she wrote.

We have nothing personal against Makowsky and Van Zeeland. There is a charming video on QVC’s Web site where they talk about their cute meet.

Van Zeeland was a buyer for a store, and Makowsky came in to show her his bags. After spotting Van Zeeland, “I said, ‘Wow, forget about the bags,'” he says in the video clip.

“I forgot the bags, and the rest is history,” Van Zeeland says.

Aside from the bag blitz, QVC is already airing boring, generic Christmas gift shows. When we need a good snooze, we tune in to them. And to think, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. So many more holiday gift shows to look forward to.

We saw host Jane Treacy demonstrating an “interactive” lion cub, at $44, on “Great Gifts” Saturday night, and we were ready to shoot ourselves.

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16 Responses to “Do Married Handbag Designers Bruce Makowsky and Kathy Van Zeeland Have Naughty Photos Of QVC CEO Mike George? Why Else Would They Be On The Home Shopping Network Almost 24/7?”

  1. r. robinson Says:

    Please let me know how to clean one of your bags I just purchased. A yellow Portland large tote.

  2. Fallon Jackson Says:

    The bags are cheap made anyway!!! I have had mine for less than 9 months and have only worn it approximately 10 times!!!! The strap is about to break on both sides and the sealant (or whatever) is peeling off around the strap and the front pocket! I will NEVER purchase another B. Makowsky bag and i intend to let my friends, coworkers, family, and any stranger that i see trying to buy one know what i know. The best part about it all is that you cant even contact them to complain. How ironic is that?????

  3. Linda Says:

    OMG – the visual is simply hilarious. I stumbled onto your website by chance, and found the “naughty” posting – that, combined with the photo of CEO Mike George and the cutest couple on QVC, is just so funny. Can’t stop laughing. Thanks and I couldn’t agree more.

  4. carolyn Says:

    Fallon Jackson – I also have a problem with a new bag falling apart. Tried many times to contact them.The published # does not take calls, so why have it? If anyone has a way to contact them please let me know.

  5. Marcella Says:

    Yes BM bags and KVZ bags – sick of hearing about them on QVC!!! I am still amazed that people go crazy over KVZ bags – they are the gaudiest and most obnoxious bags I have ever seen! I like a little bling but that is over the top not to mention cheezy lookin! I like QVC but they are definitley for the rich! They just keep making wealthy people richer. Where does Melania Trump and Heidi Klum need money??? You never hear that any sales go to charity. QVC caters to the wealthy….I can’t turn it on anymore.

  6. best cheap jack stands reviews Says:

    best cheap jack stands reviews…

    […]Do Married Handbag Designers Bruce Makowsky and Kathy Van Zeeland Have Naughty Photos Of QVC CEO Mike George? Why Else Would They Be On The Home Shopping Network Almost 24/7? « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

  7. Sharon W Says:

    I heard a rumor that Bruce and Kathy both sold their businesses and their names. Could this be true? Neither of them show their own product on QVC lately. It has been almost a year since I saw Kathy. B Mac is on QVC a lot but not him. I do lov B Mac bags and shoes. Will buy both as long as quality is great. Larger price so I buy fewer items. Quality counts for a lot.

    I wish they would stop pushing Susan G daily and her seemingly copied items. She talks over the hostesses in a rude manner and can’t keep her hands off from the models. So far the couple of pieces I have bought from her do not fit well and the pants feel like pjs. I can’t wear some of her fabrics out of the house but I can sleep in them so I saved return shipping. I have good luck with other QVC brands sizing.

    • Oyjean Gorman Says:

      I agree, Susan G, is rude. She never lets the host finish, with colors or
      Even telling you what’s next, she always talks over the host, I never watch the show live , when Susan is on I record it so I can fast forward when she starts talking over the host,
      I lose out on a lot of great deals cause I tape her show, and watch it later, but the truth is I can’t take the rudeness,
      I know she is proud of her line,
      but please Susan, let the host do their job, they are so great at it.

  8. susan Says:

    I wondered if maybe Kathy and Bruce maybe divorced. I prefer Kathy bags. (she was on first. ) I dont care for him at all. very conceited. His bags are way to expensive. I really like Kathy. something is wrong. It has been a year. I wish they would get Joan rivers off also. I cant stand her.

  9. Sandy Says:

    Oh, I love Joan Rivers – one of the few people on QVC that have something interesting to say. I have B Makowsky bags from a few years back & they are perfection – soft, stable, etc. I can’t afford to buy his bags at QVC or anywhere now however. I’m REALLY tired of so much bling on clothing, jewelry, etc. (Check out Rachel Zoe’s bomber jacket on QVC – please God, help us all!) Kathy Van Zeeland’s blingy handbags were perfect for the time but she needs to move with the times. I think they sold their business & maybe got divorced. When Kathy was on last she said she’d gone on a long vacation to think and reprocess things – divorce? Lets get some simple, classic lines back. Oh, I got the Titanic Legacy parfum and really love it! Also, really wish J. Ripka would do some gold plated jewelry. Her dull/brushed silver is so unflattering on some of us.

  10. Sandy Says:

    Forgot to mention I completely agree with Sharon W. who dislikes Susan G’s rude behavior and her interruptions. I turn QVC off as soon as I see her face or hear her voice.

  11. Marilyn Olson Says:

    We need to know as a public buyer of KVZ and BMK if they have sold their business or why they aren’t on QVC in person any more????

  12. susan Says:

    well did we ever hear why happened to kathy vanzeeland, Her husband was overbearing.

  13. Dorfnsx Purses Says:

    Dorfnsx Purses

    Do Married Handbag Designers Bruce Makowsky and Kathy Van Zeeland Have Naughty Photos Of QVC CEO Mike George? Why Else Would They Be On The Home Shopping Network Almost 24/7? | Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss

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