The Debate Over QVC’s Ban Of The Word ‘Orgasm’ On NARS Premiere Continues: ‘Childish’ Versus ‘Disgusting’

About a week ago, we wrote about the debut of NARS cosmetics on QVC, where host Lisa Robertson was banned from saying the name of one of the makeup line’s blushes: Orgasm.

It seemed ridiculous to us, but Robertson and the NARS rep were only able to refer to that particular color as “O” or “starts with an ‘O,’ ends with an ‘M.'” QVC did, however, run the color’s name on-screen.

Well, that NARS shows sparked a lively debate on QVC’s online forums, with some viewers skewering the home shopping channel for being silly and prudish; and others taking QVC’s side, criticizing NARS.

One of the posters cracked us up, when she joked that QVC wouldn’t allow the word “orgasm” to be said on-air because “they don’t want to make any false ‘medical claims.'”

Robertson had said that censors barred her from saying the Big O. One QVC poster found that hard to believe, writing, “After all, it’s not among the 7 dirty words that can’t be uttered, as per FCC rulings. (Hope this makes it by the censors!!!)”

Wrote another poster, “I think it was very childish of them not to call the Nars blush Orgasm as that is what it is named. Constantly saying the blush that starts with an ‘O’ and ends with an ‘M’ was so annoying. I love this product and have worn it for quite some time now. Good to know that the Q offers it, but guys, c’mon and grow up. If it’s written on screen in full during it’s showing, why not just say the word? After all, as per Lisa and the rep, “it’s the most popular choice among the blushes.”

But others blasted NARS, not QVC.

“I think it’s disgusting that NARS has to name their products these names,” said one poster. “Can’t the product stand alone without the s-xual names?”

She wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

“I TOTALLY agree with you, Missy,” another QVC poster wrote. “If anything is childish, it’s this company stooping to such a level of product naming. This couldn’t be more ridiculous, disgusting or inappropriate.”

But yet another poster shot right back.

“What’s disgusting about it?” she wrote. “It’s not a swear word or a ‘dirty’ word or an obscene word. Obviously, it’s meant to invoke a certain experience that most people find enjoyable, and the word, especially in its adjective form, is quite often used in a general way to describe anything that supposedly resembles that unique experience.”

Wrote a poster, “I had to read this blog twice! ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS? We are all adults here. OK-so QVC didn’t want to say the word O—-M. Fine. But I too wonder what is wrong with the rest of you that are so prim and proper you are ridiculing the company itself for having used a name like that or using s-xual-like names in general. The company is classy and does not come off vulgar at all. It is a beautiful color by the way.”

By the way, Orgasm is on wait-list on QVC.

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3 Responses to “The Debate Over QVC’s Ban Of The Word ‘Orgasm’ On NARS Premiere Continues: ‘Childish’ Versus ‘Disgusting’”

  1. Hugh Jee Says:

    A favorite sequence from an old classic movie.

    INHERIT THE WIND was a fictional dramatization of the “Scopes Monkey Trial” in Tennessee in the 1920’s. Spencer Tracy played defense attorney Henry Drummond, based on the legendary Clarence Darrow. On the day the verdict was to be rendered a radio hookup was set up in the courthouse. The case was about science and religion, evolution versus creationism.

    Here’s a paraphrased version of a bit of dialogue.

    Drummond (seeing the radio microphone and equipment); “What in God’s name is that contraption?”

    Radio Guy (covering the mike with his hands); “You can’t say ‘God’ over the radio!”

    Drummond; “Why the hell not?”

    The absurdity of that scene, in my eyes, is reflective of the paternalistic wackiness of QVC’s management in this situation, as well as that of some of the people on that forum. You have a product that you trying to sell to the 76,000,000 households that have QVC on their cable menu- but management has deemed the name of the product either too offensive or too provocative to say over the air!

    But, its OK to have the name of the product on screen, but you can’t say it out loud.

    Pinch me! I think when I’ll turn on the TV it will be in black and white, and President Eisenhower will be addressing the nation.

    Hey look, its Lucy and Desi….sleeping in twin beds!

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      I swear to God, you must be reading my mind. In the blog, I was going to compare the debate to the arguments pro-and-con on Darwin’s theory of evolution.

      If QVC did not want to say the word Orgasm, it should not have decided to sell the NARS makeup in the first place.

  2. stephanie coda Says:

    To be perfectly honest, America and the world are so sex crazed it’s sadly sickening! What is supposed to be a beautiful blessing from God (and still is) that is to be revered and enjoyed (only by male and ONE) has turned into a revolting hay-day for the devil and those who dare to share it with him! Go ahead, laugh! But you know it’s true . Witness against you..God and the conscience HE gave YOU! Commercials, Presidents, Corporates right down to small innocent children. Sex, sex sex and/or the embrassing of filthy language! And now what only a small number of years ago was simple shopping on t.v., has turned into lots of cleavage and (some) brassy mouthed and garbage day “trash” talking! How sad! Does “anybody” care about our children, or the homes networks come into? Believe it or not, some of us don’t do

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