On NARS Makeup Debut, You Can Buy An ‘Orgasm,’ But QVC Host Lisa Robertson Can’t Say It

Is orgasm a naughty word? Well, it’s apparently too racy for QVC.

You can’t make this stuff up. On Wednesday night QVC premiered the high-end NARS cosmetics line, but no one was allowed to say the name of the popular color of one of the brand’s lip glosses and blushes, the aforesaid “Orgasm.”

Host Lisa Robertson from the get-go warned viewers about the names of the NARS items, saying, “Some of them are provocative, some a little shocking.”

Hey QVC: If you can’t say the name of a makeup color on the air, don’t sell it. The Orgasm blush is extremely popular, iconic even.

NARS rep Stephanie Gower referred to the forbidden Orgasm color lip gloss as “the one that cannot be named.” Some of the lip gloss names that Robertson was permitted to say were “Triple X” and “Striptease.”

The “O” problem resurfaced when Robertson talked about the  NARS’s stick blush, which also has a color “Orgasm.” Once again, it was the word that dare not be spoken on QVC.  All Gower could tell viewers was “I do use the Big O.”

By the way, the Orgasm blush color was described as “a peachy pink with shimmer.”

Although QVC banned Robertson and Gower from saying the apparently dirty word, the network did show the name “Orgasm” onscreen in the product descriptions.

The irony was that the NARS debut took place during QVC’s “What a Girl Wants” 24-hour special. Well, we thinks most girls want an orgasm.

By the way,  the French makeup master Francois Nars was missing in action in West Chester, Pa., for his line’s premiere on QVC. That was pretty lame and disappointing. 

“He is a busy, busy gentleman,” Robertson said.

We don’t care. Francois should have gotten his French butt to QVC’s studios. The brief video clip of him was no substitute.

(In retrospect, maybe Francois was a no-show because he was mad that QVC, lead by us prudish Americans, wouldn’t say the name of his Orgasm blush on the air.)


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7 Responses to “On NARS Makeup Debut, You Can Buy An ‘Orgasm,’ But QVC Host Lisa Robertson Can’t Say It”

  1. Hugh Jee Says:

    And looking down- from the heaven he didn’t believe in- George Carlin is now rolling on a Celestial Cloud, laughing his a*s*s off….or is it OK to say that on this blog?


    In a past life, the people of Standards and Practices as QVC probably banned Barbara Eden from showing her belly button on I DREAM OF JEANNIE.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      Can you believe it?

      The real irony is that the women who posted on QVC’s forums had no complaints about the name “Orgasm.” Their beef was the way the NARS rep applied eye shadow during a demonstration. They said she made the QVC model look like she had two black eyes!

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