After A Year Of Jewelry, Designer Joan Boyce Brings Her Bling To Boots For HSN

Jewelry designer Joan Boyce celebrated her first anniversary on HSN Tuesday, and she had some rocking fashion pieces.

Her large pendants and pins are really inexpensive and look great. Our favorites were a large Maltese cross pendant/pin for $50, and a pearl and crystal-accented necklace that sold out at $130.

What was even more interesting is that Boyce, who wears huge trademark glasses and has shiny long black hair that she wears in a ponytail, brought some of the pricey original jewelry that she replicates for HSN.

For example, she held up a black bead necklace that was costume jewelry but was vintage, so it cost more than $1,000. Boyce’s version, named “Too Fabulours To Be True,” was $140 and sold out.

Boyce, who has celebrity customers for her high-end work, also held up a $70,000 platinum and diamond necklace that she duplicated for HSN for $50. The original necklace belongs to one of Boyce’s clients.  

Another unusual piece was her “Angel Eye” bracelet, also modeled after a real gold piece. In Jersey, we call that an “Evil Eye” bracelet, but we like Boyce’s name better. She said the bracelet can link you to loved ones, and suggested teens drape it over their rearview mirrors so they know their parents are thinking about them.

Her interpretation was that the eye represents someone watching over you, not keeping evil away from you, which we like.

What also interested us is that Boyce is doing a new line for HSN, shoes, that debuts Friday. Some of the her boots look like Ugg knockoffs with bling, and we don’t like them.

But she has an adorable pair of tall pink boots, with crystals, for girls.

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10 Responses to “After A Year Of Jewelry, Designer Joan Boyce Brings Her Bling To Boots For HSN”

  1. Ruby A. Bolden Says:

    Joan Boyce’s line of jewelry is simply beautiful. Her trademark eyeglasses are to die for!!!!!!!!!!! Wouldn’t it be fantastic if she designed sunglasses or reading magnifiers in the same style. What a KNOCKOUT look!!!!!!!!

  2. Muffy Vrana Says:

    I want a pair of Joan’s eyeglasses. How and when? Muffy Vrana

  3. Lynne DeMarco Says:

    I also want those glasses!!!!!!!!

  4. betty allen mckenny Says:

    i love joans glasses can you tell if and when she will be selling them.such a classy lady.

  5. Lorraine Russin Says:

    I would love to buy joan’s reading glasses. Have her make them for HSN…I saw her sun glasses, but we want those reading glass frames

  6. Carla Boleyjack Says:

    Very dissappointed> I order all of Joan’s jewerly and had a huge part in getting her to design her sunglasses recently. I waited and watched the HSN show so excited and was one of the first VIP customers who ordered them. When they were shipped to me, I received the case, and no sunglasses. I cried and cried so upset, waited so long to get them. I called HSN customer service several times and they were very rude and not seemingly concerned about my issue with the sunglasses. I really pray and hope Joan Boyce will
    make us some more. I wish there was a way I could contact her personally. I will be contacting corporate of HSN for poor service, as
    I spend a lot of money with HSN and Joan Boyce she rocks.

    I just pray the sunglasses in the tortise color and stones please come
    back. Sincerely Mrs. Boleyjack, Nashville, TN

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