Unlike Other Hosts (You There Lisa?), HSN’s Shivan Sarna Swears She Bought Three Sets Of The Today’s Special Pearl Necklaces


Shivan Sarna

Has a certain HSN host been reading our Homeshoppingista blog? We think Shivan Sarna may have taken a peek. Here’s why.

We’ve done several blogs on QVC host Lisa Robertson’s claim in nearly every show that she plans to buy an item, or more, that she is presenting. We started keeping track during the Stephen Dweck premiere. If she’s telling the truth, she must have one hell of a big jewelry box and closet.

On QVC rival HSN Saturday morning, Sarna was doing a presentation on the network’s Today’s Special, a set of four freshwater pearl necklaces for $100.

Sarna told viewers that certain online forums, we think that’s how she phrased it, had made comments about home shopping hosts claiming to own or wanting to buy merchandise they are presenting. Could it be our blog she was referencing?

Sarna said that she had been wearing a sample of the pearl necklaces for several weeks, and that last night, “I bought three sets myself.”

OK Sarna, we’ll take your word for it. But we’re still not believing Lisa.

We enjoy Sarna on HSN. She offers minimal hype, and she is a rockhound like us, but a trained one. She is a graduate gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America, which is apparently not an easy credential to get.

But we’re not feeling that HSN SV. We have some pearls, but we really love gemstones. Our birthstone is the diamond, and we have a smattering of those, but we often wear crystal quartz, white topaz, white zircon and white sapphire as substitutes.

We always wear natural gemstones, no cubic zirconia. We believe in those wacky New Age notions that gems and rocks have different powers and energies, so we want the real McCoy (we’re not talking about Wes or Pam) next to our skin.

We have a quartz crystal from Scottsdale, Ariz., next to our bed. And like every vortex-seeking chucklehead, we’ve been to the red-rock wonderland Sedona (now sadly overdeveloped) about a dozen times.

And this actually is not all that crazy, after all. Don’t radios and other electronic equipment use quartz to transmit energy? We’re just saying.

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9 Responses to “Unlike Other Hosts (You There Lisa?), HSN’s Shivan Sarna Swears She Bought Three Sets Of The Today’s Special Pearl Necklaces”

  1. Antique Pearl Necklaces Says:

    I love Shivan Sarna. She looks young and so cute.

  2. monogram necklaces Says:

    monogram necklace…

    […]Unlike Other Hosts (You There Lisa?), HSN’s Shivan Sarna Swears She Bought Three Sets Of The Today’s Special Pearl Necklaces « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

  3. Shantay Dijulio Says:

    Pearl necklace are really very elegant and i really love them. *

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  4. Sandra peverman Says:

    I liked shivan sarna’s low key sales pitch and quieter tone until late one night she was doing a clothing show and when she gave the measurements for the plus-sized garments she was giggling, and cracking up. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, hoping a produced was telling her a joke in her ear piece. No, just a few nights later the same thing…giggling and guffawing at the plus measurements. What a witch! I am not plus size or anywhere near it, but I don’t judge people on their size…that’s just MEAN. And secondly, most of her career at HSN she’s had a roll around HER midsection, as well as stubby legs…if you want to get down and dirty. So, it’s mean, and she has no room to talk. She is chilly and has a weird mouth, too. Shivan, you mean spirited porker, go shove the bells of sarna up where the sun doesn’t shine. And to think HSN got rid of sweet Rachel Huber and kept this cow. Moooooo.

    • Brenda Louise henderson Says:

      I saw those shows too, several years ago when they had her on in the overnight hours. I couldn’t believe it…I, too thought someone was talking in her earpiece or making gestures to crack her up. My MIL says she’s seen her laugh at the plus sizes quite a few times. Bad eye, HSN…those plus size ladies are a huge part of your clothing sales. My dear friend who is a plus, says she shops on the TV channels because they have a much better variety of plus styles and sizes than the brick and mortars do. After I told her about shivan still being there after that horrible behavior, she now shops only with qvc and shophq. Shivan may not be loud and chatty like some of the hosts….but she is mean and rude for doing that. Say all you will about chatty Suzanne Runyan…she’s a great gal and would never, ever make fun of anyone. HSN, watch your overnight hosts much more closely.

      • Brenda Louise henderson Says:

        ITA…why did HSN fire Rachel Huber? She’s nice, articulate, enthusiastic without going overboard, and would never laugh at anyone. After reading this, I’m through with HSN. They were getting better, but their customer service has gone down hill and they obviously don’t care about us, the customers, when they keep people like shivan on. And I’m sick of her bells of sarna stories. I am canceling my credit card tomorrow, and taking that channel off my remote. I haven’t bought anything in awhile. My last purchase was some colleen jewelry which was cheaply done and I sent back. They all push more junk than good stuff..but at least qvc and shophq have nice hosts that don’t make fun of people.

    • Gail Says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only person who saw Sarna’s rude reaction to the plus measurements. She was quite fat herself a few years back. In fact, it seems she fights like mad to keep the blubber off. The pot, indeed, should not call the kettle blackie.
      She has weasled her way in to hosting Jay King’s shows more than anyone else. I wonder if Jay knows what a rude beyotch she really is. The giggling about the plus size measurements has actually shown up on a few forums; unfortunately, HSN is ignoring it. Although I don’t like the overkill emotings and loud banter of some of the hosts, I think it’s preferable to Sarna’s monotonous delivery. Anyway, I hope she gains 100 lbs and can’t take it off. And sales people laugh at her, while she tries to stuff her 4x a** into some 3x pants. And yes, shame on HSN for firing the gracious and professional Rachel Huber. They should have sent Sarna packing instead. I won’t buy anything while she’s on TV selling.

  5. Brenda Louise henderson Says:

    I saw those Shivan shows, too, a few years ago when she was on overnight. When I figured out that she was making fun of the sizes and it wasn’t the crew making her laugh, I was outraged. My MIL saw her do that on several occasions. So I no longer shop with HSN. The CEO Mindy needs to quit worrying about what teeny boppers buy and wake up. Really. You’ll keep an insensitive witch and fire sweet Rachel Huber? Rachel was also low key…but she was gracious and warm, and wasn’t yammering on about the bells of sarna every 15 minutes. Those plus size ladies are the majority of your clothing sales. They have better sizes and selection on TV than in the brick and mortar… but no one is going to shop where they are made fun of. Qvc and shop HQ have great plus size clothing, too…and their hosts don’t make fun of the people who wear it. Trying to zero in on a younger audience…which is a minority shopping group…has made HSN go down hill tremendously. When enough of the customers speak, by not buying, maybe they will listen

  6. gigi Says:

    I also saw some of those shows where sarna made fun of the plus sizes. It is also well documented on several home shopping forums. I am not plus size but several of my friends and relatives are. They are wonderful caring souls… and most of them are good looking, too. Humans come in all colors, creeds and sizes. And we are all important, regardless of our appearance. Like the former poster mentioned, there is a huge plus size community shopping on TV. After I read this, I called my MIL, my cousin, my SIL, and my BFF….all pluses who shop on TV; and the majority WAS at HSN. They have sworn not to do business because of sarna’s rudeness. And, they all have plus size co workers, and other friends. Like they said, there is plenty of clothing to choose from on qvc and shop HQ.
    I have not liked the direction HSN has gone toward since Grossman took over. Give me back the HSN from around the turn of the century. Better products, (some) nicer hosts, and way better customer service. Buh-bye, HSN! Won’t be seeing you ever again.

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