You Go Girl: QVC Host Lisa Robertson Adds To Purchase List With B. Makowsky Handbag

Lisa girlfriend, you’re making it too easy for us.

Within the first five minutes of “PM Style” Monday night, a more-hyper-than-usual Lisa Robertson was telling QVC viewers that she was going to buy a B. Makowsky tote that she was going to present later on.

“Bet you money, I am owning this bag,” she said of the glove leather tote, which sells for $225.

As we mentioned in prior posts, we are keeping track — as best we can — of each time Robertson says she plans to purchase an “idea,” as she called merchandise, that she is presenting.

We’ll keep you posted on how many more “ideas” Robertson plans to buy throughout the show.

Wait, there is already an update. Robertson is showing a ribbed sweater, and she just said, “I am so going to try this one.”

We are not going to be able to keep up with her tonight!

Final, we promise, for “PM Style.” Robertson raved about a faceted necklace and earring set that came in four colors. It was pretty nice for just under $20.

“I’m going to grab that green before it goes too far,” she said of the necklace.

We’re too tired to stay up to see what she will buy from her “Beauty Gifts Under $40” show, on now.

But we do know that she really does in fact own one of the items, the DuWop eye shadow.

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4 Responses to “You Go Girl: QVC Host Lisa Robertson Adds To Purchase List With B. Makowsky Handbag”

  1. Hugh Jee Says:

    Linda, I was just thinking about that idea of filling Giants Stadium with all the stuff Ms. Robertson has bought or is going to buy.

    But how about an alternative plan. Old Yankee Stadium is vacant. I’m sure of Lisa wants to give Mr. Steinbrenner a few $$$ to use the Big Ball Park In The Bronx as a storage pod he’d oblige.

    He could even use a few dollars to re-sign Johnny Damon.

    I know….I’m so dang smart!

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      Hugh Jee,
      I think Lisa would “love, love, love” the idea. She was so hyper last night, she was practically bouncing off the walls. I would have muted the TV but I had to listen to what she was saying for the blog.
      It’s a tough morning. I hope the Yankees win tomorrow.

  2. Midnightstocker Says:

    You should try an track each time Carolyn Gracie says she owns something or is going to buy it later. Every item i have every seen her present she either owns it or is going to purchase later.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      I have not seen seen Carolyn Gracie recently. Maybe it’s now a QVC requirement for hosts to claim they plan to buy all these items. It just gets silly to me, and ruins any credibility they may have.

      But they are salespeople, after all, as much as they try to act like your best girlfriend.

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